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My Pandora Wishlist

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Hey guys! It is my boyfriends mum’s birthday soon and she has asked me for a Pandora charm, so I visited the website for the very first time … I don’t buy Pandora charms, I just get them! [If you haven’t watched Mean Girls you won’t get that reference, sorry!] giphy

Now I have been on the website and actually browsed through potential charms, I have racked up quite the wish list [oops] – so I thought I would share some of these with you!

When Pandora bracelets first became a “thing” I really wasn’t that interested and quite frankly saw it as a waste of money. But on receiving one as a gift, I’ve got to admit – I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!

The reason I love Pandora is that the charms are all so personal! Every time I look at my bracelet it makes me smile because each charm has it’s own significant meaning or memory behind it!

Pandora's so far...

1. This was a gift from Dan, and for obvious reasons I love it.

2. Me and Dan have always called each other “snuggle bear” – it’s soppy I know, but we just love bears!! Both the wild and cuddly kind. This charm does little rolly pollys and ahhhh it’s so cute!

3. This was a gift from Dan’s mum, my first ever charm in fact! She got it in Jade green which I love.

4. A Christmas gift from Dan’s mum, that little reindeer is too adorable!

5. My most recent charm: Dan got me this one for my birthday and I love it! He wanted to buy me a book charm, due to my obsession with reading, but he was sold when he saw the fairytale book. On the other side of the book is an image of the princess and the frog, which is one of my absolute favourite Disney films!!

I have provided links to my charms when they were available but it would seem that most of my charms are no longer sold by Pandora 🙁


Here I have compiled a little collage of a select few from my Pandora wishlist:

From top left to right:

  • Bear Hug Charm – Referring back to what I said earlier about bears: this charm would remind me of Dan; aaaaagh it’s just so cute!!
  • Graduate Owl Charm – This would be the perrrrrrfect graduation present *hint hint*
  • Lion Charm – I LOVE big cats, especially lions. They are just so powerful and majestic! I’m planning my next tattoo to be a lion’s portrait so I think this charm would be a nice symbol for that.
  • Moon and Star Pendant Charm – Me and Dan watch Game of Thrones together and we were slightly obsessed with the romance between Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. It may be slightly cheesy but we adopted their cute little greeting “Moon of my life” & “My sun and stars”. I feel like this pendant suits us perfectly!
  • Study Book Charm – Books, books and more books!! What could be wrong with a charm with books on it? NOTHING.
  • Swan Embrace Charm – The University of Lincoln mascot is a swan, and there are swans both in Lincoln and back home in Ely, where me and Dan are from. We also have a rather sweet story about swans but I shan’t bore you with that soppy detail.

View my full Pandora wish list here

Hopefully this wishlist has you inspired for potential gifts for others [and maybe the odd one for yourself of course] If you have any suggestions for other customised jewellery places like Pandora which you would like to share with me, please comment!

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts. Links are posted in the sidebar.

Jade x

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  • Ah I love Pandora and have my own collection going on, I have the fairytale charm and it was my first ever one and I love it 🙂 x

  • I haven’t worn my Pandora bracelet in so long but I still love looking at the charms!
    Love your Jade green one! The graduation owl is my favourite from your list, I hope you get it 😀

    Screen Nine
    Working Girl Wanders

  • Thanks a lot Rachel ? that’s the one I’ve really got my eye on too!! Fingers crossed ?xxx

  • These are so cute, I have Links of London and I can’t resist asking for a new charm every birthday or christmas. I really love the fairytale book!!

    Y x |

    • I’ve never heard of them – but I’ve just checked them out and omg I’m in love! ?? and thank you!! It’s definitely my favourite ?❤️xxx

  • The fairytale book is stunning! It’s a shame Pandora discontinues so many great charms, but I guess they’ve got to make room for more!

    • I totally agree – I can see why they do it but I kinda wish they didn’t to give us time to get them all! xxx

      • I ask my local store about ones on my wishlist from time to time…if any are being discontinued I purchase them and hide them away for special occasions…I ended up doing that with the fairytale book charm too!

        • That’s a really good idea!! I might have to start doing this! xx

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