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Full Body Workout from Home with Aero Sports

Full Body Workout with Aerosports - bagged up www.wingitwithjade

Can I be totally honest? I am SICK of extortionate gym membership fees. And the joke is that I can’t even go to said gym –not naming names– due to inflexible opening hours and busy peak times. I was complaining about exactly that on Twitter when I was contacted Aero Sports who asked me to review a few pieces of equipment. I’d never heard of Aero Sports before but I was beyond excited to try working out from home after doing a little research. Since using my Aero Sports equipment I have honestly cancelled my gym membership and I’m working out more regularly than ever before. Today I’ll be talking about what the lovely Ana at Aero Sports sent me and why I’m so chuffed with this brand!

About Aero Sports workout equipment

Firstly, I was so shocked that I was being offered my items free of charge! I was even more surprised when I saw the low price that I would have been more than happy to pay (more about that later). There isn’t a whole lot of information on Aero Sports as a brand available online so I can only assume that it’s a fairly new company. This would explain why I haven’t heard anything of them yet – watch this space.

I was most excited about the suspension trainer – it looks so professional and effective! I see so many celebrities and gym pros using them on Instagram and I’ve been yearning for one for months. To be honest, I never really seriously considered buying one myself; I just figured that it would cost me an arm and a leg. If I’d known what good price Aero Sports were selling them for I would have snapped it up months ago.

Full Body Workout with Aero Sports - boxed up www.wingitwithjade

Aside from the Instagram videos, I didn’t really know what to expect from my items, especially from the Foam Roller. Luckily, with purchases on Amazon you receive a free eBook for each item which thoroughly details how to use your equipment. This is totally invaluable – it even includes a list of benefits and a tonne of links to workout pages and videos. I’ve gone through a fair amount of these and can honestly say that I’d have been lost without these eBooks.

One of the things which most impressed me about my equipment was that they include a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!? It’s so rare these days to get one of those – especially on workout equipment!! Normally you have to buy insurance to get a guarantee on anything… It’s so reassuring to know that at any point in the future if I have a problem I can just send it back, no questions asked, and get a shiny new replacement. Aero Sports must have a lot of faith in the quality of their goods to offer that. Impressive.

The Aero Sports suspension trainer

This piece can be used to workout your entire body. That is no exaggeration. After my first half hour of using it I thought “ahhh this is a piece of cake – it’s probably not even doing anything.” The next day was another matter entirely – muscles I didn’t even know I had were aching. The stairs at work were not my friend that day.

Full Body Workout with Aero sports suspension trainer www.wingitwithjade

I was so impressed with the versatility of my suspension trainer. I was a bit worried before it arrived about where I’d put it, AKA what would I be able to attach it to. I’ve tried and tested it and can happily announce that it can be used anywhere, and I do mean anywhere. I’ve so far used it at the gym and in my bedroom, but when it gets warmer I’ll take it to the park and hook it to a tree or some play equipment. The world is my oyster. The useful door anchor means that you don’t have to screw anything horrible into the walls or faff around with finding something strong to hook it to.

The main benefit of the suspension trainer is that it strengthens your core muscles an unbelievable amount. This means that it’s also good for improving posture – something we can all work on, especially us office workers.

Full Body Workout with Aero sports foam roller at the gym www.wingitwithjade

Full Body Workout with Aero sports foam roller at the gym www.wingitwithjade

The suspension trainer comes with a cute drawstring bag, and it’s detachable straps make it so easily transportable. I fit it all in my gym bag with plenty of room to spare.

If you are thinking of investing in one of these bad boys, Mark from Mass Gain Source has written an incredible article with The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercises. This is the perfect guide for any bodyweight beginner as it is so informative, whilst simultaneously providing you with loads of great workouts (including those for the suspension trainer!!)

The Aero Sports foam roller

There are two parts to this item – one made of soft, yet firm foam and another much harder part with massaging ridges.

The soft foam part is designed for stretching, cooling down and warming up your muscles. It’s suitable to use on all parts of the body due to it’s flexibility. It’s also great for rehabilitating and for preventing future injuries. I think I’ll start testing this on my weak ankles which I somehow manage to twist at least once a month.

Full Body Workout with Aero sports foam roller www.wingitwithjade

The harder grid foam roller is for massaging and relieving knots in your muscles. This part is definitely perfect for me as I have constant neck and back pain – I blame this on boobs and hair. It’s hard being a woman. When you begin to feel a bit of pain whilst you’re rolling it means that you’ve found a knot. You should roll slowly around the area of sensitivity before using larger movements in order to massage it out.

Full Body Workout with Aero sports foam roller at the gym

I couldn’t get enough of the grid foam roller. It works for such a lovely massage. I’m looking forward to seeing the long term effects as it works to improve posture too – I know, the benefits are endless!

Handily, the foam roller also includes a little drawstring bag. As the softer part slots nicely into the grid foam roller it’s so compact and easy to transport to the gym, or anywhere!

The price

I’ve said it before, but the Aero Sports equipment are so reasonably priced – especially considering the amazing lifetime guarantee and free eBook with tonnes of work out links! For such a small price you can happily workout from home every day, just like me.

Full Body Workout with Aero sports foam roller at home www.wingitwithjade

Both pieces are currently on sale on Amazon too, you can grab the Suspension Trainer for just £24.50, RRP £35.99. The 2-in-1 Foam Roller is currently selling for £20.95, RRP £28.95. To be perfectly honest, I’d be happy to pay for either of these items at full price – it’s still less that one month gym membership around here (that’s just so ridiculous right?!)

Full Body Workout with Aero sports suspension trainer www.wingitwithjade

These would make really ideal gifts for anyone who can’t seem to find the time, money or confidence to hit the gym at a regular basis. Or even for people who DO go to the gym but they’d like something a little bit more special to take their workout to the next level. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt a burn quite like what the suspension trainer gave me, and the foam roller does an amazing job at stretching out your muscles after a heavy session.

Overall thoughts

I honestly couldn’t be more impressed with Aero Sport’s equipment right now. I’ve already recommended both pieces to so many friends, family members and colleagues – I just can’t stop raving about it!

I’m so thankful to finally be rid of my ghastly gym membership and to have the freedom to workout whenever and wherever I fancy, at no extra cost! In fact, a much, much reduced cost. Aero Sports have saved me an absolute fortune!

Full Body Workout with Aerosports - bagged up www.wingitwithjade

I really, truly, honestly can’t recommend these items any more than I have done. I really hope that you check them out. You won’t regret it, I promise!! I’m so thrilled with my suspension trainer and foam roller – I don’t know how I lived without them now!

Have you ever heard of Aero Sports? What do you think to the suspension trainer and foam roller? Can you recommend any at home gym equipment or tutorials? Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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**DISCLAIMER** I received these products in exchange for a review. My opinions about the products remain to be honest and unbiased

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