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Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers

Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

Why do people make such a meal out of meal prep? With the right tools you can become an overnight meal prep pro! Unfortunately, I think many people give up before they even begin, assuming that it’s going to be a lot of effort for little return. If you’re one of those people – I’m about to change your life. A bold statement, but I’m sticking by it. I love my food, and I love taking GOOD food on the go with me. I just don’t see the point in buying extortionate breakfasts, lunches and snacks which are not only unhealthy, but also taste naff too. The Sistema To Go containers have been sooooo good to me over the past few months and honestly make my life just that little bit easier and set me up for a busy day at work/ out and about. In this post I’ll be going through each of my Sistema To Go containers and giving you some tasty meal ideas for those of you who are stumped for meal prep ideas or inspiration.

Why Bother with Meal Prep?

I’ve touched on this in my intro but I’m going to go a little deeper into why I think meal prep is vital for the everyday 21st century busy body. There are 4 main reasons why I think meal prep is vital, and I’ve detailed these below:

  1. Reliability

On an average working day, I think most of us can agree that we’re rushed off our feet half of the time and food is one of the highlights of our days (if this isn’t the case – you’re one lucky human!) With this in mind, why would you then leave your meals to chance, hoping that the burger van turns up today or that the local shop hasn’t ran out of meal deals by the time you rush down there? I’m not all about ruining my working day with last minute, crappy food choices. Maybe I’m just a control freak, but I don’t like to leave something as important as my body’s energy source to chance. I like to look forward to my breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and my afternoon nibble (yes I eat lots – leave me alone).Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

2. Savings


Do you have any idea how much you’re being ripped off by buying your food every day??? I’ll prove it to you. Add up how much you’ve spent on food in the last week, then try meal prepping the following week. If you have a £3 meal deal Monday-Friday, you’ve just thrown £15 down the drain, for some pretty shoddy food, along with five drinks you didn’t even want. Just trust me on this. Try it for a week, and if I’m wrong…. I won’t be wrong.Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

3. Health

Ready made sandwiches, for example, are PACKED with saturated fats and sugars. If you’re eating from a canteen – well, you have no idea what you’re putting into your body really. I highly doubt it’s 100% organic or amazing for you as it’s been sat under the hot lamps for hours on end and countless people have been gathered around, breathing all over it, shudder. At least when you meal prep, you KNOW what you’re putting into your body. You are totally responsible for how you eat and you have full control – I like having control over my food, can you tell?…Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

4. The Taste

You can make some reaaally tasty things at home to take into work/ out and about. It just takes a teensy bit of research or creativity to get the ball rolling. So have a browse of Pinterest and start thinking creatively about what you would like to eat next week. The world is your oyster! Want to take in some homemade pizza? You totally can. Have you made a batch of soup? That’ll keep you going for weeks. Did you have a kick-ass dinner last night and you have (by some miracle) some leftovers? Enjoy it all over again for lunch the next day. I love being able to munch on my favourite foods throughout the day. I can’t imagine having to settle for second best.Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

Sistema To Go Containers

I first saw the Sistema to go containers in Tesco, probably about a year ago. Now when I go to microwave my lunch at work, I’m not even exaggerating when I say that almost all my coworkers are microwaving their lunches in their Sistema tubs. I feel like I’m in a little Sistema clique Haha! I’m cool for the first time in my life!

One huge perk of the Sistema to go containers is how versatile they are. They can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved and they’re dishwasher friendly. That leaves you with little to no restrictions of what you can put in them, which means more meal options for you – Yay!

There are sooo many different shapes and sizes to Sistema and I have many, but not all of them (one dayyyy I’ll have the full set…). There is literally a container for all of your meal prep needs!

Meal Prep Ideas

Breakfast tubMeal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

The breakfast bowl was a recent game changer for me. Moving to my new job there were no in-office bowls at my ready disposal so I was forced to either give up my morning porridge (NEVER) or improvise. That very evening I shot into Tesco and grabbed my Sistema breakfast bowl, and I’ve never looked back. There’s a handy hole at the top which you can open and close so that your food doesn’t explode in the microwave or leak in your bag – nifty! I leave my breakfast bowl at my desk instead of carting it back and forth and it works like a treat for me.


Shaker Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

This amazing shaker is going to be a godsend for summer time. Roll on the green smoothies and protein shakes to start my day off. These things are perfect for a liquid breakfast or lunch, or the avid gym goer.


Salad tubMeal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

This little tub is SO CUTE. It even comes with the most adorable little cutlery set!! It also has some handy dividers which means you can layer it up and add sauces without making your veg go soggy. As we transition into the summer months I’m going to try out lots of salads which are packed with vegetables, protein and flavour. At the moment though, my personal favourite for this tub is cous cous, chicken and veg. The divider means I can microwave the cous cous and chicken without killing the vegetables! You could also use the tub for literally anything, from fresh pasta to left over pizza. This is a great one for someone who eats something different day-to-day.


Soup MugMeal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

My soup mug (my first ever Sistema container purchase) was absolutely used and abused throughout winter. I made bulk batches of healthy soups in the slow cooker, froze off numerous portions and took them into work each day. It was a game changer. It was also perfect for when I was feeling a cold coming on – I’d just add some spices to my soup and away I went.


Snack AttackMeal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

This snack tub is perfect for literally anything choppable. Vegetables, fruit or even chocolate! There’s also a handy separate section for liquids such as hummus or yoghurt, or more snacks! No more carrying fruit around in sandwich bags to have them squished in your handbag throughout the day!

Don’t Forget to Pin this Post!Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers -

I hope this post has been a game changer for your meals on the go. When in doubt, head to Pinterest and pin it out. There are so many amazing meal prep ideas on there, I haven’t even skimmed the surface of it all.

Have you ever heard of Sistema? Do you have a daily lunch time routine? Do you have any meal prep recipe ideas you’d like to share with me? Please comment below and let me know what you think!

Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - www.wingitwithjade

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I received some of these Sistema products in exchange for a review. My opinions about the products remain to be honest and unbiased.

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