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‘Quiet Power’ by Susan Caine: Celebrating the Introverted

Quiet Power Growing Up as an Introvert in a World That Cant Stop Talking - www.wingitwithjade

I know what some of you are thinking: “I didn’t know Jade was an introvert?”. Well, to be honest I don’t think I would define myself as an introvert either. Or an extrovert for that matter. My behaviour totally depends on who I’m with, the situation I’m in, and how comfortable I am. I would imagine that this is how at least 50% of us would define ourselves. I believe the term for someone who falls in the middle of being an introvert and an extrovert is called an ambivert. So if I don’t identify myself as an introvert then why the heck did I pick Quiet Power up off the shelf? Why am I writing a whole blog post about it for that matter? I’m sure you have many questions – all of which I aim to answer…

Why did I pick up Quiet Power?

I’m going to take you back 9 months, to my 22nd birthday which I spent in London doing touristy things with Dan. After booking our tickets for the London Eye, we had just under an hour to grab some food and to hang around Embankment. In this time I managed to find a Waterstones and drag Dan inside, kicking and screaming. After a few minutes of browsing I saw this striking white book with two words in bold on the cover “QUIET POWER“. I picked it up, read the blurb, had a flick through and took it to the till. Even Dan was saying “Jade, why are you buying that? You’re not an introvert!Quiet Power Growing Up as an Introvert in a World That Cant Stop Talking - www.wingitwithjade

Truth be told, I’ve always been on the more introverted side of life. My poor friends have to drag me out of the house sometimes to socialise – I can be such a hermit. Whenever I’m with strangers I totally close up and have absolutely zero to say – then kick myself later for not being more friendly. I’ve never ever liked public speaking (I don’t think I’m the only one there) and I go florescent red whenever I’m put on the spot. In fact, I dislike spontaneity in most forms – aside from surprise presents of course. I like my days, my weeks to be planned and organised.

When I read the blurb of Quiet Power, something spoke to me and I found myself nodding along. I couldn’t just leave it there, I HAD to know more.

What is Quiet Power?

Written by Susan Cain, Quiet Power is an amazing book which talks about real people and their experiences as introverts. She speaks about the POWER of introversion, and how it isn’t something to be ashamed of or to hide – but something to be proud of. Not only that, but she speaks about extroverts and ambiverts too, and their relationships with one another!Quiet Power Growing Up as an Introvert in a World That Cant Stop Talking - www.wingitwithjade

This book is catered to a younger audience, who are finding themselves through school, with friends, in relationships, in their first jobs etc. Because of this younger audience in mind, I found so much of this book relatable! I just wish I had this book when I was 14, when I first started to appreciate my own company, then I’d feel guilty and ashamed for not spending my time with friends and family.

Making you view your life differently

Susan Cain, the author, defines herself as being introverted. As the author of many successful texts, she has made many public appearances, including a segment on TED Talks!! What a hero. She speaks about how terrifying she used to find public speaking, and it gave me so much hope. Maybe one day I could speak to a small room of people without burning up, my knees knocking together and feeling a panic attack brewing the entire time.

As I’ve mentioned, due to the real experiences and the advice given by people who have LIVED as an introvert, I was constantly finding myself nodding along to Quiet Power on my morning commute, or smiling at the simple concept that I was … normal? I don’t mean normal in the boring – ‘like everyone else’ kinda way. But normal in the way that I no longer feel selfish for wanting some time alone. I don’t feel like a control freak for wanting to make plans and mentally prepare for a big day. That’s just the way my mind works – and that’s great!Quiet Power Growing Up as an Introvert in a World That Cant Stop Talking - www.wingitwithjade

One particular part of this book made my day where it speaks about Introverts and relationships. Specifically, what kind of characters introverts generally gel with and why. I have ALWAYS and will always say that my bestest, bestest friends are on the more extroverted side. My boyfriend and family included. Probably one of the reasons I felt a bit like a freak – there was no one to relate to. I LOVE being surrounded by charismatic people who say what they’re thinking and live life spontaneously. It’s the total opposite of what I am – pensive and always in control. I find extroverts inspiring, and sometimes they find me inspiring too! Susan Cain talks about this in relation to many of her friends and her own partner. It felt like some sort of clarification. Like someone had said “you were right silly” FINALLY – after I’d spent years mulling over the idea. I now know that need the yang to my ying!Quiet Power Growing Up as an Introvert in a World That Cant Stop Talking - www.wingitwithjade

What I love most about Quiet Power

Is that it celebrates all kinds of people: Introverted, extroverted, ambiverted etc. It doesn’t stress labelling yourself, or changing yourself. Quiet Power encourages the reader, whether they be an adult, a student, a parent or a teacher, to love themselves and to work on being better versions of themselves. But still staying true to who they are.Quiet Power Growing Up as an Introvert in a World That Cant Stop Talking - www.wingitwithjade

After reading this book, I still won’t define myself as one or the other – I don’t see the point – I’m just me!! What I will say is that this book really made me think about … the way I think HA! But not just me – about everyone, how everyone thinks and acts differently and how that should be celebrated. Diversity is a B-E-A-U-tiful thing!

Want to find out more?

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This post was really, really different for me and I’m hoping that you enjoyed it and took something away from it. I could have said so much more but I know how long my posts can get!! Would you identify yourself as more of an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert? Is there anything you would change about the way you are?Quiet Power Growing Up as an Introvert in a World That Cant Stop Talking - www.wingitwithjade


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