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My haircare hero! JOICO Blonde Life review

JOICO Blonde Life review

One of my least favourite things about maintaining bright blonde hair is how damaging it can be. Unfortunately I have the perfect example of the devastating affects of bleach… In late October 2016 my mum had finished touching up my silver roots with bleach and asked me what I wanted her to do with the leftover product. I wasn’t concentrating and I asked her to “just slap it all over”…
Less than one hour later I was in the shower crying as huge clumps of hair continued to fall out in my hands. Woops. Since that fateful day, my hair has just about grown back but it’s still a long way from recovery. Products packed with healthy oils and heat protecting chemicals have been (and continue to be) absolute lifesavers for my hair. Keep reading to find out how I got on with the JOICO Blonde Life range.

What I Look for in Hair Care

Those of you who have been reading my little blog from the very beginning (or if you’re dedicated enough to have read all my posts dated back to 2016), you’ll know that this is not my first collaboration with JOICO. In my other blog post (give it a read) I reviewed their K-Pak products for damaged hair spoiler alert; I was a huge fan.

When JOICO got in touch to ask if I wanted to try the Blonde Life range, I was absolutely buzzing. My hair is only just springing back after my dreadful at-home bleach accident in 2016, and this year I dared to dye my hair gradually lighter again (by a professional) with bleach-less dye.brightening masque JOICO Blonde Life review

My main priority with my hair is health and strength from now on; this means being careful and well-researched with all products I apply to my hair. Coincidentally, from all the JOICO products I’ve tried, I know that they prioritise health, shine, colour and strength in just the same way.

The JOICO Blonde Life Range

To celebrate the 1st birthday of the JOICO Blonde Life range, they wanted to celebrate with bloggers and the wider public. I’m incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to try the range to review, and I have plenty to say!

JOICO recognise that the blonde life can be tricky – always striving for the perfect colour whilst constantly fighting a battle against dryness, dullness and other more permanent damage which hair colourants can cause.

This revamped haircare range promise to achieve ALL of the following:

  • Keep blonde tones bright and on-tone for up to 8 weeks.
  • Healthier and more nourished appearance.
  • Strengthen hair, reducing breakages by over 54% (I’m sold).
  • Brighten and lighten hair.

Included in the range is; a brightening shampoo and conditioner, a brightening masque, a lightening powder and the new Joico Blonde Life brightening veil spray.JOICO Blonde Life review

JOICO kindly send me 4 out of the 5 from the Brightening range; the shampoo and conditioner, masque and brightening spray. The curious George in me definitely wants to try the lightening power next…

The Best

I absolutely swear by the shampoo, conditioner and the masque from this range, and the smell of the entire lot is absolutely gorgeous. The first night I showered with these JOICO products Ryan pulled me in for a cuddle in bed and remarked “oh wow, your hair smells amaaaazing”, and then proceeded to take several deep breathes with his nose planted in my hair. Of course, this was unbelievably cute, but it was also true, and I knew it!!

It only took one shower with the shampoo and conditioner to notice a difference to the texture to my hair. It was so much softer, whilst maintaining body and volume. My hair felt so much easier to style whilst being irresistibly silky soft.brightening shampoo JOICO Blonde Life review

The brightening masque was also a huge hit with me as it felt like such a luxurious treat. I LOVE that it comes in a squeezy bottle; so many other masques come in huge pots which are awkward and slippery to hold and almost always end up overturned on the floor of my shower – product everywhere. It’s fast-acting too, so no shivering in your towel for 30 minutes waiting for it to work miracles. This masque only needs 3-5 minutes to work – the perfect length of time to shave and body wash, which means you don’t even have to step out of the shower!! Winner!

My Least Favourite

I’m so sad to say that I didn’t get on with the JOICO Blonde Life brightening veil product… This spray is designed to protect your hair against heat whilst maintaining shine and style, and I have no doubts that it did that. However, I’m incredibly funny about having products in my hair during the day, as I just hate that sticky product feeling! I found that (similar to all other styling sprays I’ve ever tried) the brightening veil made my hair feel quite dry and after my 40 minutes walk and 15 minute train journey, I got to work with the back of my hair in knots 🙁brightening veil JOICO Blonde Life review

As I’ve said, this has been my experience with all styling products so I’m not putting a mark against JOICO. I wonder if I’m just incredibly particular about styling sprays in my hair during the day. So if you’re like me, you should focus your attention on the other amazing products from the JOICO Blonde Life range.


You can find my three favourite products from this range on Beauty Bay (yaaay). I’ve listed the links below for any of you who are desperate to nab them up. There are some glowing customer reviews on Beauty Bay for this range too – just in case you don’t believe me 😉JOICO Blonde Life review

They are £16.00 each. I know they’re pricier than the high-street brands but you get what you pay for with haircare.

  1. Shampoo 
  2. Conditioner
  3. Brightening Masque

Overall Thoughts

Whenever I’m organised enough to order the JOICO Blonde Life haircare products in advance, I will. Perhaps I’ll wait for Beauty Bay discount codes to come in just to take the edge off the cost. If you have blonde hair which is prone to damage, I promise that the investment will be worth the price tag!

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What do you think to JOICO and their Blonde Life range? Does it appeal to you more than their K-Pak range which I previously wrote about? Do you have any haircare tips for self afflicted damaged hair? Let me know in the comments below!Cover Image JOICO Blonde Life review

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I received these products in exchange for a review. My opinions about the products remains to be honest and unbiased.

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