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Posted on 4th May 2016

Everyday Makeup Essentials

Hello lovelies! In this post I will be showing you all my favourite everyday makeup essentials. As suggested by the name this is the make up I wear on a daily basis, meaning that it is good value for money, long lasting, and meant for a natural look.

Everyday Makeup Essentials

I will be posting these items in the order in which I use them, and writing a short overview on how I use them and why I keep returning for more when I run out.

  1. Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Primer Everyday Makeup Essentials

I have only recently started using this primer and I am so happy with it, especially considering that it is only £5! It does exactly what it says on the label: it lasts all day and ensures that the rest of my makeup stays in place. I choose to use primer everyday because it ensures that my skin looks smooth and it therefore allows my foundation to do it’s job and to make my skin look flawless! I was previously using Benefit’s POREfessional primer balm, which admittedly I much prefer as I feel like this is slightly more effective – but at a whopping £24.50 I couldn’t justify buying this again when I ran out last month, I am just too poor 🙁


2. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

Under Eye Concealer Everyday Makeup

As you can see, this concealer is running very low and I am definitely due to buy some more, which scares me a little as it’s £17.50 EEK but it DOES go a long way, if that’s any reassurance. I got the shade 01 Light because I’m looking a bit pale nowadays (definitely in need of a holiday). I use this product for my under eyes to hide my scary dark circles, and it works better than any other product I’ve ever bought for this purpose.


3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Concealer Everyday Makeup

I use this item when I am breaking out (a daily essential for me at the moment because my skin has been a total nightmare… Bloody University). This might seem a bit strange but I only use this product as a light concealer. It’s not too heavy duty and therefore doesn’t just add another layer to my already inflamed spots, which is very important.


4. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Foundation with Comfort Serum

Foundation Everyday Makeup

I have always used Rimmel London for foundation – something which I am tempted to come away from in an attempt to be more animal cruelty conscious. So if you have any recommendations for animal friendly foundations which don’t cost the world and still provide great coverage, I’m all ears! Having said that, this foundation is absolutely great! It lasts all day long, even when I’m sitting at the library and touching my face constantly, oops.


5. Benefit Porefessional: Agent Zero Shine Mattifier

Powder Everyday Makeup

This powder is awesome! I realise that this is a tester, don’t worry! This was one of the many goodies which Katie won for us in an Instagram competition, as well as a years supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts … MmmmMMmmmMmm. This powder has a handy mini-brush inside, which is great for dabbing on problem shine areas. I have combination skin so I only ever use this on my T-Zone, and it stops me from getting ridiculously shiny by the end of the day. Unfortunately I’m running low on this one too so I’ll have to invest in some more very soon!


6. Eylure Brow Pencil 

Eyebrow Pencil Everyday Makeup

I have never thought to use this brand before, simply because I have never come across it. But one day before going to the gym with Dan my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow whiz pencil broke AHHHHH so we had to make an emergency trip to Tesco (yes I am that bratty). I’m really picky when it comes to brow pencil because I find that most blonde pencils come out looking quite ginger/brown. Knowing this, I asked one of the lovely assistants at the beauty counter which she would recommend, and this was what she came up with! Due to my emergency I was ready to pay any price, but this was amazing at only £5.45. SOLD! & amazingly, this is almost as good quality as ABH. I will definitely be buying this when money is tight.


7. Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner 

Eyeliner Everyday Makeup

This product is an absolute GODSEND. I have done a thorough review and how-to on this product here – this will provide you with the tools on how to wing your eyeliner like me!


8. Benefit BADgal Waterproof Mascara

Mascara Everyday Makeup

Another cheeky little item from the Benefit win (thank youuu Katie!). I used to always use Rimmel once again for mascara but this has totally converted me. When this runs out, which will unfortunately be fairly soon, I’m going to give the Benefit Roller Lash mascara a go because I have heard MANY good things!


9. Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub Everyday Makeup

I love this product ever so much. It makes my lips feel so soft and sumptuous and totally primes me for any lipsticks which I want to wear. It also helps that this lip scrub tastes AMAZING. I used to have the cola flavoured one and tried this one on a whim, but in fact I much prefer this one. Yummyyyy.

Everyday Makeup Essentials

These are a few of my faaaaavourite things. I hope you enjoyed reading this and that I’ve given you a few new beauty products to try out!

Do you have any questions about my morning routine? Have anything to say about the products I use? Can you recommend me some of the great products you reach for? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts.

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Posted on 25th April 2016

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette Review

Hey guys! I have been so excited to share this review with you lovely people for a very very long time. After losing my eye shadow virginity with the Sleek Makeup Au Naturel Palette, as I have spoken about here, I decided to branch out and become a little bit more adventurous with my shades – cue the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette!!!


Mmmm, what a beautiful rose gold!

Since buying this palette I left it untouched for over two weeks in order to wait for a chance to take photos, and then waited a further week to give myself a chance to edit my photos and put this post all together… PHEW. So what the heck am I rambling on for? Here goes my review!


I am thoroughly obsessed with these copper eye shadow looks which I have seen so much of recently – so off I went to Superdrug in search for some beautiful shades. The first section I went to was Makeup Revolution – they are just SO reliable in terms of quality and price & as money’s tight for me at the moment, I knew that this was where I’d get the best value for my money.


What an amazing variety of colour! And all for the amazing price of £8!!!

I was so sold when I flipped the palette over to see these shades – all the copper tones I could desire, plus some beautiful extras! I’ve also been dying to try a red-ish eye look and the earthy pinks in this palette are PERFECT! Basically… Yeah I’m in love!


The more I look at this palette, the more I fall in love! <3

As I’m sure you can see in the image, the colours do have a slight glittery effect, but this isn’t a problem for a day-time look as I will display later in my swatches.


            Top row > Paper, Soft Glow, Buff, Highlite, Angel, Unlimited, Brew, Silver Smoke. Next row > Almost There, Uncover, Barely Pink, Lowlite, Golden Night, Gold Digger, Cheerless, Blue Stars. Next row > Smudge, Shimmer Heart, Universal, Copper Shimmer, Medal, Darkest Shimmer, Tarnish, Black Tie. Final row > Pure Chocolate, Raw, Red Night, Molton Chocolate, Burgandy Nights, Green Stars, Cafe Noir, Night.

There are so many amazing colours in this palette which can be used to make so many versatile looks! I am in love with both ‘Red Night’ and ‘Burgandy Nights’ which create a gorgeous pinky/red eye, which is really in this season!

I am also in love with the combination of: Copper Shimmer and Soft Glow which make an absolutely GORGEOUS copper pair -perfect for the summer season!












As you can see, this copper tone also makes my eye colour really pop! I absolutely love this as a subtle but effective daytime look.


I’m going to provide swatches below, bear with me as I had to swatch 32 shades – which you can probably imagine took quite a time! They’re also a little rough around the edges, but I’m hoping that practice will make perfect… Maybe in time my swatches will be magazine worthy!!! 😉



Silver Smoke, Brew, Unlimited, Angel, Highlite, Buff, Soft Glow, Paper (The lighter colours were really tricky to make visible on my arm for some reason – but they are great for highlighters and a base for the eyelid!)


Blue Stars, Cheerless, Gold Digger, Golden Night, Lowlite, Barely Pink, Almost There


Black Tie, Tarnish, Darkest Shimmer, Medal, Copper Shimmer, Universal, Shimmer Heart, Smudge


Night, Cafe Noir, Green Stars, Burgandy Nights, Molton Chocolate, Red Night, Raw, Pure Chocolate


As I said earlier, although the shades look quite glittery within the palette, once applied it appears more like a natural shimmer – a totally gorgeous effect!

What I love about this palette is…. Well what is there not to love? I’m OBSESSED! There are 32 AMAZING colours available in this £8 palette!!! I honestly don’t think that there is an eye shadow shade in this palette which I won’t use. Some more than others of course but they are all gorgeous in their own way. I love that there are both nudes as well as more dramatic shades available in one palette! This means that if I were at the office all day, and planning to go out for drinks in the evening – I would have zero difficulty transitioning into a night time look, using the same palette I used in the morning. Aaaaaahhh I love it so much!


This was honestly the best £8 I’ve spent in a while and I will be keeping my eye out for all new Makeup Revolution products in future – They’re clearly a brand to watch from what I’ve seen! If you are lacking in money and you want a versatile palette – GET THIS ONE. I cannot emphasise that enough!

Do you have a Makeup Revolution obsession? Have you purchased this product and have anything to say? Can you recommend me anything else to try from this amaaaaazing brand? Please comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts.

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