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Posted on 4th May 2016

Everyday Makeup Essentials

Hello lovelies! In this post I will be showing you all my favourite everyday makeup essentials. As suggested by the name this is the make up I wear on a daily basis, meaning that it is good value for money, long lasting, and meant for a natural look.

Everyday Makeup Essentials

I will be posting these items in the order in which I use them, and writing a short overview on how I use them and why I keep returning for more when I run out.

  1. Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Primer Everyday Makeup Essentials

I have only recently started using this primer and I am so happy with it, especially considering that it is only £5! It does exactly what it says on the label: it lasts all day and ensures that the rest of my makeup stays in place. I choose to use primer everyday because it ensures that my skin looks smooth and it therefore allows my foundation to do it’s job and to make my skin look flawless! I was previously using Benefit’s POREfessional primer balm, which admittedly I much prefer as I feel like this is slightly more effective – but at a whopping £24.50 I couldn’t justify buying this again when I ran out last month, I am just too poor 🙁


2. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

Under Eye Concealer Everyday Makeup

As you can see, this concealer is running very low and I am definitely due to buy some more, which scares me a little as it’s £17.50 EEK but it DOES go a long way, if that’s any reassurance. I got the shade 01 Light because I’m looking a bit pale nowadays (definitely in need of a holiday). I use this product for my under eyes to hide my scary dark circles, and it works better than any other product I’ve ever bought for this purpose.


3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Concealer Everyday Makeup

I use this item when I am breaking out (a daily essential for me at the moment because my skin has been a total nightmare… Bloody University). This might seem a bit strange but I only use this product as a light concealer. It’s not too heavy duty and therefore doesn’t just add another layer to my already inflamed spots, which is very important.


4. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Foundation with Comfort Serum

Foundation Everyday Makeup

I have always used Rimmel London for foundation – something which I am tempted to come away from in an attempt to be more animal cruelty conscious. So if you have any recommendations for animal friendly foundations which don’t cost the world and still provide great coverage, I’m all ears! Having said that, this foundation is absolutely great! It lasts all day long, even when I’m sitting at the library and touching my face constantly, oops.


5. Benefit Porefessional: Agent Zero Shine Mattifier

Powder Everyday Makeup

This powder is awesome! I realise that this is a tester, don’t worry! This was one of the many goodies which Katie won for us in an Instagram competition, as well as a years supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts … MmmmMMmmmMmm. This powder has a handy mini-brush inside, which is great for dabbing on problem shine areas. I have combination skin so I only ever use this on my T-Zone, and it stops me from getting ridiculously shiny by the end of the day. Unfortunately I’m running low on this one too so I’ll have to invest in some more very soon!


6. Eylure Brow Pencil 

Eyebrow Pencil Everyday Makeup

I have never thought to use this brand before, simply because I have never come across it. But one day before going to the gym with Dan my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow whiz pencil broke AHHHHH so we had to make an emergency trip to Tesco (yes I am that bratty). I’m really picky when it comes to brow pencil because I find that most blonde pencils come out looking quite ginger/brown. Knowing this, I asked one of the lovely assistants at the beauty counter which she would recommend, and this was what she came up with! Due to my emergency I was ready to pay any price, but this was amazing at only £5.45. SOLD! & amazingly, this is almost as good quality as ABH. I will definitely be buying this when money is tight.


7. Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner 

Eyeliner Everyday Makeup

This product is an absolute GODSEND. I have done a thorough review and how-to on this product here – this will provide you with the tools on how to wing your eyeliner like me!


8. Benefit BADgal Waterproof Mascara

Mascara Everyday Makeup

Another cheeky little item from the Benefit win (thank youuu Katie!). I used to always use Rimmel once again for mascara but this has totally converted me. When this runs out, which will unfortunately be fairly soon, I’m going to give the Benefit Roller Lash mascara a go because I have heard MANY good things!


9. Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub Everyday Makeup

I love this product ever so much. It makes my lips feel so soft and sumptuous and totally primes me for any lipsticks which I want to wear. It also helps that this lip scrub tastes AMAZING. I used to have the cola flavoured one and tried this one on a whim, but in fact I much prefer this one. Yummyyyy.

Everyday Makeup Essentials

These are a few of my faaaaavourite things. I hope you enjoyed reading this and that I’ve given you a few new beauty products to try out!

Do you have any questions about my morning routine? Have anything to say about the products I use? Can you recommend me some of the great products you reach for? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts.

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Posted on 29th April 2016

Colour Run Lincoln 2016: Why I’m Glad I Tried Something New

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week despite the freak British weather. We’ve had rain, sun, snow and sleet… What is going on?!

This post is a bit different from my usual, but I just HAD to write about my amazing experience at the colour run last weekend! In this post I will be showing you millions of photos and going through what you can expect from a colour run, and why you should take a big step out of your comfort zone and give it a try!

Painted Ground

When we booked our tickets for the Colour Run, I didn’t really know what to expect; but one thing which we could all agree on was that we would take part for fun, and probably not run the entire thing. After all, I hadn’t run competitively before and I was concerned about injuring myself. Although 5k probably isn’t very far to most people; I absolutely LOATHE running, purely because I’ve never been very good at it. I always try to stay in shape and healthy because of my PCOS in order to keep on top of my weight, you can find more information on this condition on my previous posts, here and here.

If I’m honest, we totally forgot about the Colour Run up until the week before: I blame this on dissertation stress! So naturally we hadn’t trained AT ALL. The closest thing I did to training was that I managed staying on the bike at the gym for 30 minutes; a new personal best for me. But I didn’t do this with The Colour Run in mind admittedly. But regardless of our lack of preparation, the day finally came and we were all really excited to get messy!

Selfie Pre-Run With the purchase of our tickets we received a really nice Colour Run t-shirt and our own running number to wear on the day as modelled on the morning by myself – before being absolutely covered in paint! But thankfully I did manage to get all the paint out and it is like new – so I have a lovely souvenir to remember the day by!

Pssst. I’m wearing my coppery eye shadow look from my Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette!

On the day of the event, we were really worried about the weather as it was forecast to rain randomly throughout the day  and the wind was incredibly cold.

But luckily, although the sun was popping in and out throughout the day, it was warm enough to just take a light jacket and to wear shorts! – I really didn’t want to have to wear my nice gym trousers.


Group Selfie Pre-Run

We arrived an hour or so before the event so that we could buy paint and soak up the atmosphere before getting messy!

The only issue I had with The Colour Run was quite a doozy – no locker rooms or bag holding areas were made available. Obviously we wanted to bring our phones, jackets, drinks, and money at a bare minimum. Considering that they were encouraging us to purchase more paint, you’d think that there would be facilities made available for us to store our possessions safely and out of harms way – but apparently not. So we were forced to strap our boyfriend’s up with backpacks. They weren’t all too happy with that, I’ll just say that much. But our argument stood – a handbag would be much harder to run with than a backpack (CURSE YOU WOMEN’S FASHION).

We were waiting for quite a while before the paint party kicked off, but that was because we arrived so early! It was quite chilly but they had a live DJ who kicked off the party and kept us in good spirits.

Crowd Shot Paint Colour Party

Photos for this event can be found at

I can’t quite recall what kicked off the paint party. One minute we were all standing there anticipating the unknown, and the next the air was filled with colours! The atmosphere during the paint party was electric – I completely lost myself to the music and to the wonderful people.

I’m not going to lie, We thoroughly enjoyed covering each other in paint – and other people of course! We were forever catching each other off guard and getting each other’s face – at one point I managed to get it right in Kayne’s ear… Oops! Sorry Kayne! It was so therapeutic after my recent University stresses to just forget about everything and throw my cares to the wind, alongside powdered paint!

The DJs went through a warm up with us, which was pretty hilarious but I probably should have focused on that a bit more than on the paint in hindsight – my legs have been in utter agony all week! Lessons have been learned about the importance of a thorough warm up. 5k really did seem like much less in my mind.

Aaand We're off

Photos for this event can be found at

Aaaand we’re off!! We began at a leisurely pace and remained as a four… for about two minutes until Kayne and Dan decided to go it alone, as we were running far too slowly for them! This wasn’t a problem until me and Katie realised that they had gone running off with our bloody drinks! Ah well, we soldiered on!

Dan Kayne and a Paint Cloud

Photos for this event can be found at

Hahaaa! These photos taken by the professional photographers are amazing. I have had a right chuckle looking through these and seeing how Dan and Kayne got on after abandoning us!

Dan and Kayne getting covered

Photos for this event can be found at

Hahaaaa! You can see these guys got Dan right in the face here. These paint-throwing check points were dotted out throughout the entire 5k course which was wonderful. It really kept you running! They were all shouting motivational things like “you can do it!” and “keep running!” which was fantastic and most definitely needed – especially on the final lap.

Dan and Kayne running

Photos for this event can be found at

I’m really proud of Dan and Kayne! Even with their backpacks, they pushed on and ran the entire thing!!! Unfortunately, my will power is not quite as strong as that and I’ll admit to slowing down to a walking pace a few times.

Katie and Me running

Photos for this event can be found at

I absolutely love this photo of Katie and me, and Dan has snuck into the background as well. This must have been right at the beginning when we were all together – the fact that we’re still smiling gives that away!

Katie and Me getting covered

Photos for this event can be found at

Eeeeesh! They got Katie right in the mouth! I tried to hide myself away from the paint and failed terribly – the only way to run is forward.

Katie and me getting covered

Photos for this event can be found at

As I’ve said previously, Katie and I didn’t take the race too seriously and just saw it as a bit of fun. Having said that, we’re both fairly competitive and like to push ourselves so I know that we wanted to try our very best if nothing else.

Dan at the Finish Line Derp

Photos for this event can be found at

HAHAHA!! The photos of us sprinting to the finish line are HILARIOUS! Dan hasn’t heard the end of it. I’m sorry Dan and I love you but… HAHAHA

Me at the finish line derp

Photos for this event can be found at

Okay, I’ll stop taking the mickey out of Dan now… this is pretty horrific. But I’m very proud of myself for sprinting to the finish and my goofy face has a good reason behind it! Dan was standing at the finishing line cheering me on and this was me being very happy to see him and the to see the end of the 5k so… Yeah it’s still awful!

Dan and Kayne finished the race in roughly 30 minutes – which is amazing considering their backpacks and their lack of training for it. Katie and I finished in 40 minutes, which is equally impressive given our laid back attitude!

I’m so glad I took part in The Student Colour Run. It was so much fun – even more so than I had imagined – and was a fantastic way to rid ourselves of the academic years stress. It also showed me my potential and what I can do when I put my mind to it. I had no intention of being able to jog or run even half of the race, and the fact that I did has pushed me and reminded me of my level of fitness.

Katie and Me Post Run

Even if you’re not very athletic… In fact, ESPECIALLY if you’re not very athletic, this kind of race is DEFINITELY for you!! It was so chilled out and relaxed on the day and I would have felt more than comfortable to walk the entire distance – there was no pressure to run or to be competitive which was great! Some people were even going it in jeans!

Dan and Me Post Run

At the end of it all, the Student Colour Run was an absolutely fantastic experience and me and Dan are already talking about planning our next one. Just because I am very competitive with myself, I will be planning to beat 40 minutes next time – but if you’re simply focused on finishing – that’s totally cool as well!

You can find out more information about the Student Colour Run here – don’t forget: it’s not exclusively just for students, anyone can join! And there is another site for the big Colour Run, which includes more areas, you can find that here.

Have you tried something new recently which you would like to share? Have you ever been to a Colour Run or have done something like this? Are you interested in fitness and are not sure if this is for you? Please leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts.

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Posted on 27th April 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit of Kylie Cosmetics: Koko K


Ahem, Hey beautiful people! Sorry –  I had to get that excitement out of the way! I literally can’t believe I managed to get a Koko K lip kit on my first attempt.


I will set the scene for you: Me and Katie were in the library stressing about our dissertations in the final stages. We knew that the lip kits were going on sale at 9pm UK time. So we got to the library at 8pm, cracked open the red bull and opened 3 different browsers on 3 different devices. We were fully prepared for the best and worst outcomes. 9pm hit and we refreshed and refreshed and NOTHING? Oh wait… That wasn’t the home page… WE’RE IN! I have never seen Katie click buttons so frantically in my life. She added our purchases to her basket and we were placed into the queue.




We repeated these steps on my laptop and for some reason it went through almost immediately (?!) So Katie read out her card details (we shared postage and I paid half via PayPal – a great way to cut down on shipping costs!) whilst I took my turn frantically typing away. We were sweating.. It was so intense.


After waiting for what seemed like a century… WE DID IT! We went to the confirmation screen and no joke: we screamed, jumped up and started dancing and flashing each other (our standard response to exciting news). Thankfully, we were in a private room in the library… 



Fast forward 5 weeks, to Friday morning, and the fateful day had come… It arrived! I shouted up to Katie having put the box outside her room and she fell out of bed running for it (not an uncommon event in our house).

I really can’t explain my excitement on seeing that beautiful box in the post man’s hand!


Eeeee! So pretty! <3

My only concern upon actually opening the box was… Well… How easy it was to open! This box worth collectively over £50 was held shut with a singular strip of cello tape. I literally just pulled the box and it opened for me! Although this is great for keeping the quality of the box in perfect condition etc, it’s not so great considering how easy it would be to steal and re-seal the package… Maybe something for Kylie Cosmetics to think about!

But all this was forgotten when the excitement settled in: it really is just as beautiful as you would expect, and then some! I love the beautiful post card given by Kylie!












It’s absolutely gorgeous for starters, but it also made me feel really special! I didn’t keep this one as Katie made the order and has ordered a couple more than me – but I can’t wait to order another and pin it up on my wall.

 I had so much fun taking these photos – the packaging is just so beautiful and photogenic!




Mmmm!! So pretty! I probably took around 50 photos in total – purely because every shot I took was better than the last! Thank you Kylie for designing packaging so aesthetically pleasing – it’s a Bloggers dream come true <3


But moving on to the part you’re all probably waiting for – What do I think of the lip kit?

Well, if I’m honest, I didn’t hold high hopes – even after all the wonderful things I had read and seen. I am quite cynical. Lip products which profess to be long-lasting never usually live up to their name for me and have faded horrifically by my second cup of tea in the morning! I was also worried that the colour wouldn’t suit me – that the photos online would be completely misleading and Ahhhh! I had basically run through every bad possible outcome in my mind.



The lip liner glided on so smoothly and easily. It was my first ever time using lip liner so I was very cautious to not over-line (my biggest pet peeve because it just looks awful when not performed correctly). But this creamy textured pencil was an absolute dream! It was even easy to manoeuvre around my lip ring – a task which no lip product has managed as of yet!!! – My only question about this product iwas: what happens if/when you run out? It doesn’t look like an actual pencil  and although I feel it should be, I’ve tried and it isn’t retractable. But I have since found the answer: you can in fact sharpen it! The pencil really is deceiving in appearance but I have tried and tested it and it sharpens just fine- just make sure your sharpener isn’t blunt because then you might ruin the whole pencil.



I know – I know. You’re probably sick of reading about the smell, but you’re going to have to read it one last time. THAT SMELL!!! I love it because it smells so natural and safe to apply to your lips – I kinda freak myself out at the thought of all the chemicals I am consuming when I wear lipstick, and the smell is a constant reminder. But my mind is put at ease with the lovely sweet aroma of the Kylie Jenner lipstick. It also helps my mind to know that Koko K is completely free from animal testing and is vegan friendly – Big thumbs up!


Hands down the easiest product I’ve ever swatched – it was so soft to apply and only needed the smallest amount in order to gain even coverage (Apologies for the wiggly lip line… I was a bit excited)

Once again, this product is so easy to apply! It tackled my lip ring like it was nothing, yet again! I made the mistake of applying it quite thickly to begin with, but no biggie! I just spread the liquid across my lips and waited the very short time before having a good look – I couldn’t believe just how great it made me feel.


Not to blow my own horn or anything, but HOW MUCH DOES THIS SUIT ME?!

All I can say is: WOW. Kylie Jenner and her company, Kylie Cosmetics, have truly lived up to their amazing quality reputation. It’s safe to say that when my purse is looking a bit podgier I am going to be investing in quite a few of these!

For the first time since I can remember, my lips felt fuller and sexier and just amazing really. The colour really complimented my eyes and skin tone – I would definitely recommend Koko K for those with a fairer complexion!


I have just realised that the colour on my lips is an EXACT match to that on the box – Yet another thumbs up from me! No false advertising, Yay!!

I hope you guys can all see how much of a huge impact this has made on my daily make up – I was baring it with no wings that day, but the Koko K lip kit made my look seem that much more glamorous, without going overboard!

All in all, I am more than impressed with Kylie Jenner’s products and am really excited for the new things she will have to offer in the short term! Considering my only issue with my order was unsecured packaging, to which my item wasn’t even affected by, isn’t really bad going at all!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this – I definitely enjoyed writing it… & taking the photos… & trying the product … & staring at the photos…. I LOVE IT.

Do you have any questions about Koko K? Have you tried it and have a different opinion to myself? Have you had any issues with Kylie Cosmetics which you would like to share? Are you as excited as me about this fantastic brand? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts.

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Posted on 25th April 2016

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette Review

Hey guys! I have been so excited to share this review with you lovely people for a very very long time. After losing my eye shadow virginity with the Sleek Makeup Au Naturel Palette, as I have spoken about here, I decided to branch out and become a little bit more adventurous with my shades – cue the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette!!!


Mmmm, what a beautiful rose gold!

Since buying this palette I left it untouched for over two weeks in order to wait for a chance to take photos, and then waited a further week to give myself a chance to edit my photos and put this post all together… PHEW. So what the heck am I rambling on for? Here goes my review!


I am thoroughly obsessed with these copper eye shadow looks which I have seen so much of recently – so off I went to Superdrug in search for some beautiful shades. The first section I went to was Makeup Revolution – they are just SO reliable in terms of quality and price & as money’s tight for me at the moment, I knew that this was where I’d get the best value for my money.


What an amazing variety of colour! And all for the amazing price of £8!!!

I was so sold when I flipped the palette over to see these shades – all the copper tones I could desire, plus some beautiful extras! I’ve also been dying to try a red-ish eye look and the earthy pinks in this palette are PERFECT! Basically… Yeah I’m in love!


The more I look at this palette, the more I fall in love! <3

As I’m sure you can see in the image, the colours do have a slight glittery effect, but this isn’t a problem for a day-time look as I will display later in my swatches.


            Top row > Paper, Soft Glow, Buff, Highlite, Angel, Unlimited, Brew, Silver Smoke. Next row > Almost There, Uncover, Barely Pink, Lowlite, Golden Night, Gold Digger, Cheerless, Blue Stars. Next row > Smudge, Shimmer Heart, Universal, Copper Shimmer, Medal, Darkest Shimmer, Tarnish, Black Tie. Final row > Pure Chocolate, Raw, Red Night, Molton Chocolate, Burgandy Nights, Green Stars, Cafe Noir, Night.

There are so many amazing colours in this palette which can be used to make so many versatile looks! I am in love with both ‘Red Night’ and ‘Burgandy Nights’ which create a gorgeous pinky/red eye, which is really in this season!

I am also in love with the combination of: Copper Shimmer and Soft Glow which make an absolutely GORGEOUS copper pair -perfect for the summer season!












As you can see, this copper tone also makes my eye colour really pop! I absolutely love this as a subtle but effective daytime look.


I’m going to provide swatches below, bear with me as I had to swatch 32 shades – which you can probably imagine took quite a time! They’re also a little rough around the edges, but I’m hoping that practice will make perfect… Maybe in time my swatches will be magazine worthy!!! 😉



Silver Smoke, Brew, Unlimited, Angel, Highlite, Buff, Soft Glow, Paper (The lighter colours were really tricky to make visible on my arm for some reason – but they are great for highlighters and a base for the eyelid!)


Blue Stars, Cheerless, Gold Digger, Golden Night, Lowlite, Barely Pink, Almost There


Black Tie, Tarnish, Darkest Shimmer, Medal, Copper Shimmer, Universal, Shimmer Heart, Smudge


Night, Cafe Noir, Green Stars, Burgandy Nights, Molton Chocolate, Red Night, Raw, Pure Chocolate


As I said earlier, although the shades look quite glittery within the palette, once applied it appears more like a natural shimmer – a totally gorgeous effect!

What I love about this palette is…. Well what is there not to love? I’m OBSESSED! There are 32 AMAZING colours available in this £8 palette!!! I honestly don’t think that there is an eye shadow shade in this palette which I won’t use. Some more than others of course but they are all gorgeous in their own way. I love that there are both nudes as well as more dramatic shades available in one palette! This means that if I were at the office all day, and planning to go out for drinks in the evening – I would have zero difficulty transitioning into a night time look, using the same palette I used in the morning. Aaaaaahhh I love it so much!


This was honestly the best £8 I’ve spent in a while and I will be keeping my eye out for all new Makeup Revolution products in future – They’re clearly a brand to watch from what I’ve seen! If you are lacking in money and you want a versatile palette – GET THIS ONE. I cannot emphasise that enough!

Do you have a Makeup Revolution obsession? Have you purchased this product and have anything to say? Can you recommend me anything else to try from this amaaaaazing brand? Please comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts.

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Posted on 22nd April 2016

Beauty Blogger Tag

Thank you to sincerelyjuliette for tagging me! This is my first ever Beauty Blogger Tag nomination, so I am excited to see what it’s all about and to get started.


The Rules are:

  • Tag the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Come up with 10 questions of your own.
  • Nominate other bloggers, and don’t forget to tell them!




  1. Which do you like better, spring makeup trends or fall makeup trends?

If I had been asked this a year ago, I would have said with ease “spring by far” but now it would definitely have to be fall make up trends! I love a plum toned nude lip and the adventurous eye shadow shades you can get away with in autumn. Recently I have been experimenting with coppery shades on my eyelids and it looks GORGEOUS – my only issue is that it is beginning to look slightly too heavy for spring/summer time.


2. If you could be doing anything in the world, what would your dream job be?

I would love to live abroad, whilst pursuing my passion of writing. If I could be a successful writer or blogger in a hot country like Australia or America – that would be an absolute dream. To leave my house every morning with one layer of clothes on, and to have the ability to work for myself. Ahhhhh. Yes please


3. What’s your favourite foundation?

My everyday foundation is Rimmel London 24 hour Stay. I think this is brilliant because it really is long lasting, and for someone with combination skin like myself, that is really important so that my foundation doesn’t just slide off my face. Having said that, I do want to try new foundations as I have been faithful to Rimmel for a very long time and there’s GOT to be a decent, cruelty free equivalent.


4. If you could only put on one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ahhh this is so difficult! A part of me wants to be really clever and say an eye shadow palette because I could use rose colours for blush, browns for contouring and nudes/whites for  highlighting… But if I’m honest I really can’t imagine going out without my mascara on. I think I could leave the house with just that on and feel a little bit nicer. So I’m going to be wild and choose mascara! It would be a very sad existence though….


5. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Definitely a dog person. When I was younger I had two dalmatians, Pongo and Angel, and they were my world! We had lots of cats, and they were so independent and chilled! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I loved the interactivity of the dalmatians and how excited they would be to see me walk through the door. I can’t wait to be able to have dogs again!


6. Which do you like better, Summer or Winter?

SUMMER! I love winter for the fashion and for layers and for the darker makeup trends – but summer weather is unbeatable. I am not one for wind, rain, sleet or snow. I was definitely a born sun worshipper, and I can’t imagine myself any other way!


7. What would be your dream vacation spot?

Anywhere with a beach essentially! I love the Caribbean waters particularly and whenever I daydream about a holiday, my mind always drifts to there. Having said that, I am happy anywhere with the sun beating down on me, the sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean. Ahhhhh.


8. Why did you start your blog?

I have always had a passion for writing and over the years I have admired a great many bloggers; the creativity necessary to put their ideas out there and to be rewarded for it was such an amazing concept to me. It took me years to finally pluck up the courage to put my ideas and interests out there and I’m sooo glad I did!


9. If you could meet any celebrity who would it be and why?

Gordan Ramsay hands down! Ahhh I just love his attitude and his confidence. His one liners forever have me cracking up!! “OHHH FUCK MEEEE”. My reason to want to meet him is I’d love to have a sit down meal with him and listen to him go on and on about how much he loves food and to ask him all about his back story etc. It’s a strange obsession but there have been worse.


10. What is your favourite food?

This follows on quite nicely from the last! I don’t think I do actually have a favourite food though, as it totally depends on my mood. I do love a bit of steak with a calamari starter though – this completely depends on where I’m ordering from. Zizzi’s Italian do an amaaaaaazing calamari starter.

My 10 Questions:

  1. Do you spend more time in the morning doing your hair or make up?
  2. If you had to stick to one drug store brand for the rest of your life – what would it be?
  3. What is the story behind your blog name?
  4. Which stage of your make up do you most look forward to and why?
  5. What is your favourite hobby?
  6. What is your biggest fear?
  7. What is your best beauty tip?
  8. What is your favourite product in your make up bag right now?
  9. Which song is stuck in your head right now?
  10. Who is your favourite beauty blogger and why?


I Nominate:

@katiexmiddleton of

@NYCBeautyBlog of

@dungareesdonuts of

@BlushingRosette of


Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts.

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Posted on 21st April 2016

Liebster Award!

I am so excited to be accepting my very first Liebster award by both the lovely Kate of and Demitria of Kate is a genuinely lovely girl a great blogger too, and the same can be said for Demitria, plus her style is so on point – so you can imagine how grateful and amazed I was to receive this nomination. A MASSIVE thank you to Kate and Demitria for nominating me, it really made my day!

As I have only been blogging for roughly a month I am so honoured to have been recognised for my small achievements. The blogging community is so welcoming and helpful and I am SO GLAD I finally took the leap and started writing. This blog is becoming an amazing creative outlet for me, it helps with stress and to improve my creativity. I feel so humbled to have been nominated so thank you lovelies!


So what is the Liebster Award all about? 

  • The Liebster award was created to recognise new bloggers and reward writing talent.
  • The award has German origins and the word “Liebster” has several meanings including: sweetest, dearest, kindest, nicest, beloved & lovely.
  • The award follows similar principles of a chain letter in the sense that when one blogger receives a nomination she/he must thank the blogger who nominated them then pass on the award to other bloggers who they admire.
  • The blogger who nominated you will have answered a set of questions about themselves & then they will choose their own set of questions for their nominees to answer.
  • The new nominees must then answer the questions set for them by the blogger who nominated them, created their own questions and nominate other bloggers.
  • Bloggers that get nominated are generally newer bloggers that have a following of less than 3,000 followers.



Liebster Banner - WingitwithJade


The rules of the Liebster award are:

1: Mention the blogger who tagged you and thank them.

2: Answer the 11 questions you’ve been asked by the blogger

3: Nominate 11 bloggers

4: Give them 11 questions to answer.

5: Notify your nominees on Twitter.


Here are the 11 questions that I have to answer:

  1. What would be your perfect day?


I’m kinda hoping you guys have seen Miss Congeniality at this point, because then you’d have a giggle at my cheeky reference above. Also, April 25th is Katie’s birthday so that’s taken on new meaning!

In all honestly I’m not too sure what my perfect day would be! Would it be obnoxious to say my birthday? I love being the centre of attention for that one day and it’s in August so the weather is normally nice. Me, Dan and my family go punting in Cambridge during the day, go for a nice meal, do cake and presents and then I see my friends and have a drink [or twenty].


2. When did you last sing out loud?

Probably about ten minutes ago? Ha ha! I am currently in the library researching for my next assignment and for some reason I had the urge to listen to the whole Les Mis soundtrack, and you CAN’T listen to Les Mis without having a sing along. Especially I Dreamed a Dream.


To be fair, my library companions are lucky I didn’t burst into tears. Les Mis is just… Perfection!


      3. What are you most grateful for in your life and why?

This is a tricky one… I have a lot in my life to be grateful for, but I think the main thing is my support system: AKA my friends and family. They are the ones who keep me motivated and who pick me up when I am down. That probably sounds really cliché but it’s true!!


Over the years, friends have come and gone, but that all happens for a reason. The best friends are the ones who you don’t have to keep in constant contact with – I am a reaaaaally lazy friend I must admit, so I am so thankful for those who stand by me whenever I need them.


      4. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

On days like today, when I feel super stretched I would love the ability to be in two places at once. I am still waiting for a call from Dumbledore telling me that my time turner has been despatched…



      5. Given the choice of anybody in the world (alive or dead) who would you most like to have a            conversation with?

I would love to sit down with my ten-years-younger self. Once again, I’m aware that I’m beginning to sound a little bit obnoxious and big-headed but hear me out. Ten years ago I would have been 11 years old, it was during my parents divorce, I was starting at a new school without any of my friends and it was a tricky time for me. I used to daydream all the time when I was younger about if I could have a sit down with my older self and be reassured by the idea that everything would work out in the end.


So I would love to have a conversation with the 11 year old Jade, to tell her that I worked out just great, my family life improved by far with the addition of Anthony, my step dad, and then my younger sister Amethyst, who I love more than words can express. I continued to pursue my passion in education, my writing subsequently improved, I found some great friends and have made so many amazing memories. I was so timid and quiet at that age, and although I wouldn’t change it for the world, I think I could have done with some firm assurances.


      6. What are your dreams or aspirations and how long have you had them?

I have always wanted to either move or to work a summer abroad – I have wanted to do this ever since I was little, when my family used to holiday in the Caribbean.


The only thing stopping me is what I would have to sacrifice and leave behind. Me and Dan have spoken about moving to America or to Aussie-land so the dream is still alive. I have a lot to consider before making the huge commitment though!


      7. Who were you in your school nativity play?

I remember acting as a cat, and I’m pretty sure this was in my school’s renditions of ‘Dick Whittington and His Cat’. My friend was originally casted to be the cat, and I was her understudy – we took an oath that she would DEFINITELY be there so I wouldn’t have to learn the lines. Long story short, she didn’t turn up and in year 5 I had to pretty much improvise the entire play. Good times. I pulled it off though somehow.



      8. What is your most treasured possession?

Ahhhh this is such a tricky one! I would probably have to go ahead and say my teddy bears. Since being with Dan we have built up quite the collection, and I sleep with a handful of them every night. Maybe one day I’ll introduce you all … Yes I am that sad. I have tried sleeping without them before but it is honestly impossible… I love my bears.



      9. What was your last fashion or beauty purchase? Was it an impulse buy?

My last fashion purchase was a pair of GORGEOUS heeled lace-up sandals from which was…. last night…. Oops. Although this was an impulse buy, I have no reason to feel guilty as this was the last of my account credit, where I won £100 from an Instagram competition [EEEK]. So this purchase costed me zilch. I just have to try and patiently wait for it’s arrival now…..


My last beauty purchase was an Eyelure eyebrow pencil, because my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz broke all of a sudden [don’t worry, the despatching company have since replaced it free of charge – YAY] – I was honestly on the verge of a breakdown trying to get more out of the pencil in order to go to the gym, while Dan was huffing and puffing at me. Oh it was a stressful day! But the Eyelure pencil is surprisingly good bearing in mind it only cost me £5.45, [well, £4.90 after my work discount]. It was definitely an impulse buy but it was an EMERGENCY – I’m sure you all understand.


      10. How many countries have you visited?

If I’m honest I’m not entirely sure!


As I mentioned previously, my family used to holiday in the Caribbean a lot when I was younger so I’m not entirely sure of how many places I have been to… That’s really bad. Having said that, I would probably say that it’s been between 5-10 countries all together!


      11. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Black. Always black.


Or as Wednesday Adamms would say: “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.” I love how confident black makes me feel and how it gives me total freedom with make up and accessories. I basically wear black 24/7 – but I don’t regret a thing. Monochrome is awesome.
My 11 nominations for The Liebster Award:

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And here are the 11 questions I’d like you to answer:

1. What is your favourite part about blogging?

2. Favourite Harry Potter character.

3. Your last completed book.

4. What is your biggest achievement of 2016 so far?

5. Who is your beauty/ style inspo at the moment?

6. If you could take one blogger on an all expense paid holiday who would you take and why?

7. What is your favourite décor item in your house?

8. What inspired you to start your blog?

9. What advice would you give your teenage self?

10. Best Netflix season at the moment.

11. What is your all time favourite quote?


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Posted on 18th April 2016

The Body Shop Treats from the Tea Tree Range

Hello lovelies! I’d like to kick-start this week with a post about my recent gift to myself [I love myself soo much for this wise decision], my 3 little treats from The Body Shop tea tree range – the body scrub, clay mask and the foam cleanser.

BodyShop items wingitwithjade

I have heard many good things about The Body Shop in the past, but for some reason I have never so much as ventured into the store, let alone considered trying their products. I think it may have something to do with their popular brand name – for some silly reason I had the idea in my head that their items would be mind-blowingly expensive, when really they’re very reasonably priced!

What finally convinced me to give them a try was a The Body Shop consultant contacting me via Twitter. Danielle  direct messaged me on Twitter asking me if I would be interested in buying from her, as she can keep me up to date with the best deals and discounts – what a bargain! Admittedly I was a little apprehensive at first because it seemed too good to be true, and I am always paranoid about online scamming/hacking etc. But Danielle understood this completely and put my mind at ease by providing her account code and information and allowing me as much time as I needed to make up my mind. By the time I had gone through the whole of The Body Shop’s website (about 50 times with a million tabs up on my browser – there were so many goodies to choose from!) the offer which Danielle was able to give me was 40% off 3 full priced items, which was perfect as I had my eye on three favourites in particular. These items were all from the tea tree range, the tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser £5.50, the fuji green tea body scrub £15 and the skin clearing clay mask £11.

I paid Danielle via Pay Pal and the postage came to £4.25, which I found incredibly reasonable considering the quantity I was purchasing! With my discount my order came to a total of £23.15 with a total saving of £12.60 – I am incredibly frugal so I was chuffed to know how much I saved! My order arrived after only 3 working days, I was amazed! As I was ordering through a consultant I kind of expected a slight delay [I don’t know why I have these presumptions] and the packaging was so great it really brought a smile to my face.

BodyShop Parcel wingitwithjade

I love the time and care which has clearly gone into packaging this item, it truly made me feel special and valued as a customer. I absolutely LOVE the quote which is printed on the inside of the box – I am a bit weird with quotes but it gave me the kind of excitement you get when the Dominoes delivery guy ACTUALLY writes out the Harry Potter quote or draws you a picture of a unicorn.

BodyShop quote wingitwithjade

Ahhh, I just love the monochrome boldness of it!

I also really loved the fact that they had included a The Body Shop bag and sealed it nicely as this stopped my products from rolling around too much and becoming damaged, whilst keeping the beautiful aesthetic of the package appealing.

BodyShop bag wingitwithjade

Maybe I’m a bit weird but I love packaging – especially paper bags

Now I’ll run through my items and why I love them so much in order of which ones I tried first:

  1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

Body Shop cleanser tilt wingitwithjade

Admittedly I am pretty negligent of my skin usually as I lie to myself and say that I don’t have time for a proper skincare regime. After trying this product I can now confidently say that all that is about to change! What I love about this product is how easy it is to apply and remove. That may sound strange but some of them can be really slimey and get all over your hands, be tricky to cover your face with, then difficult to get off in one go. With the useful pump on this cleanser I used a small amount, probably about half the size of my palm to apply to my pre-soaked face and it was able to cover the whole surface. I did pump an extra one or two times, simply because I loved the smell and the feeling on my skin. With it being tea tree, it instantly smells so clean and refreshing, without being too harsh or overpowering. The foam absorbed into my skin instantly and I could feel it working straight away. Without causing pain or a stinging sensation, which I find some cleansing products do (I have mildly sensitive skin – probably why I’m so lazy when it comes to skincare), I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle on my skin this was! After massaging my skin for a couple of minutes I soaked my face in lukewarm water to remove the product and as I stood up straight to look in the mirror – the effect was amazing. All my pores seemed to have reduced in size by at least half and I just felt, well, cleaner! I will DEFINITELY be using this product at least once every two days in order to prevent break outs and to generally treat my skin. An absolute bonus is that the product only cost me £5.50, so I won’t be at all concerned about replenishing it when it eventually runs out!

2. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

Body Shop mask open eagle wingitwithjade

This was a big step for me as I have only ever tried facial masks which you get in the sachets from beauty shops *gasp*. I just felt like I would get bored of an entire tub and want a change before I reached the end and it would be left to rot. Once again, this product has proved me wrong completely. The smell of the mask was a slightly more ‘earthy’ version of the last – so very natural, yet clean and relaxing. The colour is absolutely wonderful! I love its vibrancy and how it is green (I have always wanted a green face mask like they wear in films, yet I have never really seen one). The texture of the mask is very creamy, making it SO easy to apply. I don’t even know how to put into fractions or percentages how little of the pot I needed to adequately cover my whole face. As with the last product, I could feel it working instantly so I didn’t feel the need to slap it on as I usually do with face masks, desperate to use the most of the sachet as possible. I laid on my bed for the recommended 10-15 minutes, fighting the urge to drift off to sleep – it was honestly the most therapeutic facial mask I have ever worn. And after a good half an hour (I was enjoying myself with my Cosmo magazine and lost track of time), the mask was still perfectly intact, it was like a glossy green layer had been added to my skin – no unwanted crumbling or cracking!

BodyShop tea tree clay mask Wingitwithjade

After 30 minutes with the mask on! No filter needed *sassy hair swish*

I used a warm damp flannel to remove the mask, and it came off with perfect ease – and my skin looked so calm underneath. For the rest of the day I couldn’t stop touching it. It’s usually quite bumpy and oily but when using these products it feels so balanced, smooth and soft! The clay mask is slightly more pricey at £11 but to be honest it’s way worth it in my mind. A little goes a long way, so I know that the tub will definitely last me several months if I use it roughly once a week, which I definitely will be doing! The pairing of these two products has given me such confidence with my skin and have taught me a very valuable lesson: a skincare regime really does make all the difference!


3. Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub

Body Shop scrub wingitwithjade

Technically, I’m not sure that this fits into the tea tree range, but due to the colour and it’s nature I have put this in with the other two as they compliment each other incredibly.

Body scrub is the one product I do tend to use regularly as I receive them in sets for Christmas and Birthdays and find them crucial when I’m self tanning and leading up to the summer period, in particular to give me more confidence when baring my legs. The fuji green tea scrub smelt absolutely gorgeous! When I opened the lid the scent hit me like a wave and I felt like I had been whisked away to a Centre Parcs spa retreat (a bit cheesy but it’s true!) I was also amazed by the vibrant green colour – it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

Body Shop scrub open wingitwithjade

Do you see what I mean? It’s so sparkly and pretty looking.

I used this item in the shower and it did everything it should have done – the beads were nice and firm and felt so nice to massage into my skin. The smell was absolutely gorgeous and relaxing too! My skin felt really nice and soft when I got out – this product is perfect for my needs and a very good purchase! Having said that, with the price being £15 I would be more reluctant to buy this regularly as it is more of a treat. I will definitely be adding this to future birthday and Christmas wish lists and potentially treating myself occasionally but purely due to the price, I don’t think I will be buying this as regularly as the other two! Having said that, I don’t regret buying this item and will definitely be using it as a little treat on my off days.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and will check out The Body Shop site or hit up Danielle on Twitter if you would like some great offers and promotions! Do you have any items from The Body Shop which you love? Have you tried these products and have something to say about them? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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Posted on 15th April 2016

The Rantings of a Retail Worker

Hey every one! I thought I would end this week with a rather light hearted post – yet quite a rant for me. I’ve had a faaaairly stressful week so I wanted to end it with some laughter.

I have now worked in retail for over 5 years, and as with every job, I have little pet peeves and daily annoyances which I think many of you will be able to relate to.

1. The newbies. You probably started the job bright eyed and ready to put a smile on the faces of all you met. But now you are older and much wiser. You pity those newbies who have such high hopes, yet envy them slightly for their optimism. You probably clock in for each shift with an inward sigh and your bones creak when you bend down. Don’t worry, it is all a part of a natural process. All newbies eventually become sceptical and trust no one… Sorry to break the news.

2. Picky people.


Those customers who change their mind about a tin of beans or want a discount because it has a dent – oh they’re just the worst. “Oh, sorry to be annoying but….” Well you aren’t sorry at all are you? If you were you wouldn’t be forcing me to walk to the other side of the store to replace a perfectly edible tin of beans. Ohhhhhh the fury!

3. THE fake laugh – which you don’t even force any more. So many times have colleagues turned around to me and said “that laugh was soooo fake” – and I didn’t even mean to do it! But you just can’t help yourself. Some customers tell the cheesiest jokes, and it would just be plain awkward if you denied them the laugh which they have fought so hard to get!

4. The jokes you’ve heard 100 million times. 


PS, they don’t get any funnier. Trust me, I’ve heard them all, and I’ve heard them FAR TOO MANY TIMES. Sometimes I do just think to myself – if I hear that joke one more time I’m going to hit my head against the checkout. Of course I wouldn’t do that… But these jokes have pushed me pretty close to the edge.

5. “Are you working?” This is a huge eye-roller for me. I will be standing at my checkout with no customers, trying to smile and seem welcoming when I am astounded by this ridiculous question. What on earth else am I doing? I’m not on a day off but fancied sitting on a till for a while! I’m not spending my break smiling at customers…. OF COURSE I’M WORKING. One day I intend to test this and say “nahh”.

6. The customers who take phone calls whilst being served.


 Errr… Sorry – who do you think you are? This is beyond rude to me. In most cases I will actually refuse to serve the customer until they acknowledge me or end the call. GRRRRRR.

7. People who get angry when they have ‘forgotten’ their ID. Come on now, you know you don’t look 25, and therefore you will probably be ID’d. The fact that you have come to me in the hopes that I would overlook that is not my problem. Sorry, but I am not risking losing my job, facing an extortionate fine and a criminal record, all so you can have your can of Jack Daniels.



Wow – calm down! I can of course call a manager but you will have to stand there and wait, only to be told exactly what I have told you – but by someone wearing a suit. I resent being undermined and my authority being questioned – especially by people so rude.

9. A weekend? What is one of those? Ohhhh yeah, those things which are apparently a great time to socialise with your friends and family, make some memories, have some laughs… No I can’t quite imagine what my life would be like with one of those!

10. “You look bored!” / “Cheer up”


Look I’m sorry if I look a bit glum, I don’t know if you have noticed but I am at work. Excusing that – I am a customer assistant with NO CUSTOMERS. When this happens, unfortunately all I can do is stare into space, and after a certain amount of time I will probably zone out and my mechanical smile will drop… So, sorry about that… But not really.

11. The reaction to the 5p bag charge. Okay, I get that some of you are bitter – no one likes to spend money on something that was once free. But there is a very simple solution to this… Bring your own bags! On the odd occasion that you forget (every single week) you only have yourself to blame. If you choose to opt for the 5p bag, please don’t chew my ear off about how it’s daylight robbery. I don’t make the rules, I’m just asked to enforce them – so whining to me really won’t change anything – it will just make me grumpy.

12. The elaborate excuses for not having a loyalty card.


If I’m honest, I am only asking you if you have it out of politeness. If you tell me that you don’t have one/ don’t want one I promise you I will take no personal offence. But I really don’t need to know that your ex wife has it and refuses to return it or that it was lost to the mouth of your dog.

13. That customer who changes their mind after the till has opened and decides to contribute an extra 22p to “make it easier”. I am not a maths genius, in fact I really am out of practice. So you messing up my digital calculator and forcing me to do mental arithmetic is the furthest thing from making it easier for me, despite your best intentions.

14. The dirty looks from your queue when you are stuck with a chatty customer.


Ahhhhhhh I’m sorry okay! I can see that you are in a rush but what do you want me to do? Should I tell Doreen that I don’t care that her husband has not long passed away and that this is her only chance to speak to people? All I can do is smile and be polite so don’t you huff and puff at me!

15. Damaged vouchers with codes a million miles long. Oh goodie – I can’t wait to manually type in 40 vouchers, thank you so much for screwing them up into your pocket, so considerate of you! Yes of course I will do that for you, not a problem. Ergghhghgenijnemf.

16. “Behave! Or the lady won’t let you have your sweets!”


Ahhhh that’s where you’re wrong. I really don’t care if you want to make your child even more bratty and hyper – so please don’t use me as a threat, because I promise you I won’t enforce it. You will only be teaching you child that they can and will get away with murder.

Now, having said this, I do love my job… It’s just that some of the people I have to put up with… Erghhhhh!! Do you have any horror stories from working in retail? Any customers just grind your gears and make your mind boggle? Please comment below – feel free to vent, trust me it feels goooooood!

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Posted on 8th April 2016

Primark Home Bargains

Happy Friday everyone!

I was sitting in my room this morning admiring my new bargain purchases and I thought I should share these little goodies with you! After my last two more serious posts [which you can find here and here] a post about decor seemed fitting. And besides, Primark are seriously on it this spring with their home section.

My house mate and best friend Katie went in there the other day and told me that there were a lot of new monochrome bits and items featuring elephants… SOLD!! I was there like a flash, ransacking the shelves, unable to see where I was going because my items were piled up past my eyes. I am a rational woman, but I have my vices. Monochrome and elephants just happen to be two of these – oops.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My little goodies, in all their monochrome glory.

When I return home from University, I’ll be redecorating my room for the first time in about five years. As we rent our home, I won’t have complete freedom but I can make the best with decor and I am so excited to make my room a home! For so long I’ve felt like a visitor at home, as all my efforts have gone into decorating my University room, all the while neglecting what should be my home.

I’ll give you a little break down below of each item, why I love it and how much it cost – you will be amazed – even for Primark it’s a bloody good deal!


Jacquard Square Cushion in Black and White – £7

I was split between buying this cushion and one with an elephant logo [I may have a slight obsession] but this one captured my heart as it was the perfect size and struck me as such a gorgeous statement cushion. I love the pattern and texture of it, yet it is soft and cuddly [yes I tested it’s cuddleability in the shop – haters gonna hate]. I have fallen asleep twice with this wonderful cushion today – I foresee a wonderful affair.


SS16 Milk Bottle “100% Thirsty” – £3

I’ve had my eye out for a cute little cup like this for a couple of weeks now, as when my parents came up to University to drop me off after Easter, my younger sister nabbed mine… I could hardly say no to that cute little face. I wouldn’t have minded but I relied on that cup for pre-drinks! I don’t trust myself to hold a normal cup like a big girl after one drink. I’ve particularly liked the milk bottle shaped cups for a while, and this gave me the perfect excuse. I love the cheeky little pun written on the bottle and once again, the monochrome sealed the deal for me. My favourite part for me however was the rose gold lid – I think this is absolutely gorgeous and makes the whole thing stand out! And for only £3, I just had to get it.


Zebra MDF Plaque – £1.50

God knows why it’s coming up on my receipt as a zebra plaque… It is clearly a beautiful ELEPHANT!  I love elephants because they’re so powerful and majestic, yes such peaceful creatures. I also love the “elephants never forget” idea, whether it actually has any truth behind it I don’t know. For obvious reasons I love this piece – and it’s only £1.50!!! I blame Katie for my strange new obsession with plaques, but I forgive her because this is now hanging proudly on my bedroom door and I just love looking at it!!


Be Awesome Glass Plaque – £4

Although one of my more pricey items, it’s still such an amazing steal! I’m really into motivational quotes and I love the positivity which they portray and evoke! In an ideal world I’d be surrounded my quotes like this at all times but unfortunately that’s not possible – I’m happy to pay such a small price to have them hanging all over my room though! The item itself looks to be worth much much more than £4 which is also a huge bonus – it really is great value for money.


Printed Smile Plaque – £3

This is definitely one of my favourite purchases. I love its rustic feel with the straw-like string and the old and worn looking frame. The design makes it look like it has been hand stitched, like in the olden days – it has so much character! Once again I am a big fan of the motivational quote – you’re never truly dressed without a smile after all. I think when I return home I will proudly mount this above my desk to provide inspiration and to keep me motivated and positive!

That’s all my goodies on this occasion – I really did hold back! I could have easily doubled this list but I am tryyyying to be good with my money. Having said that I only spent £18.50 on this trip which definitely isn’t bad considering how much I managed to get! I would definitely check out Primark’s website if I were you – even if monochrome isn’t your thing [are you maaaad?] there are so many pretty bits and some gorgeous bedding sets to get your hands on this spring!

If you have any of your own home bargains which you would like to share with me, please comment!

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Jade x

Posted on 7th April 2016

My Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: part two

Hello lovely people! This post is a continuation of my previous post on polycystic ovary syndrome, which you can find here. In this post I will talk about my medication, how my PCOS has effected me and how I keep control of the symptoms. I will add the same disclaimer to this post which I added on my last: please remember that every experience is different and if you have any concerns after reading this, ask your GP. I am not a doctor and I know through my own mistakes to never self-diagnose.

I finished my last post by sharing my moment of diagnosis, so I will continue where I left off and share my medication with you. When prescribing me with the contraceptive pill, the doctors had to be sure that I did not experience/ have a family history of migraines or blood clots, as this would be dangerous on the pill. It is also important to note that smoking does increase the risk of blood clots and other complications on the pill – I am silly enough to continue to do so but I plan on quitting within the next year.

As I am lucky to not have a family history of blood clots or experience regular migraines, I was placed on the 3 week contraceptive pill Rigevidon – which means that I take the pill for 3 weeks and on the fourth I don’t take the pill and I get a period. This is great because my periods have finally regulated – yaaay!!


Rigevidon 3 week contraceptive pill

Now, I know that this pill isn’t for everyone – some people gain a lot of weight, their skin breaks out, they start getting regular migraines [if this happens contact your GP]! Some people get really bad stomach cramps etc. Basically, this pill isn’t for everyone but I have been on it for roughly 3 years now and I’ve had no issues! From what I have gathered, this is the first pill which the doctors will prescribe on diagnosis.


The pill comes with this lovely discreet sleeve which makes it easier to carry around in your handbag.

So this pill has been an absolute god send. After the first few months of being on this pill I had to return to the hospital to have another ultrasound to check on the growth of my cysts – and Hurrah! They had significantly reduced in just a few months! Which was obviously a huuuuge relief!

A downside of the pill is that at first they will only release 3 months worth of pills in one appointment for the first year – and only 6 months worth following that. This means that every 6 months I have to go to the doctors to get a new bunch of pills! Although this is annoying, I think it is necessary because they take my blood pressure and my weight and let me know if I am on track and am keeping my lifestyle healthy!

One symptom which the pill hasn’t helped – for me – is the weight gain. One symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome is an increased level of testosterone hormone: which means hair growth and weight gain. Although the pill gives you oestrogen to balance this out, I have found that my weight is still quite difficult to budge – something very common for the contraceptive pill is weight gain.

When you have polycystic ovary syndrome, it is important to maintain a healthy weight [and I do mean a HEALTHY weight – not trying to get yourself as small as possible]. Due to the testosterone, that isn’t always easy [typical]. So when I gain weight, I find it near impossible to get it off! I am a pretty consistent weight at 10 stone, but I do sometimes reach 10 stone 7 and have to work my ass off to get it back down. According to my BMI [something which I don’t agree with because it doesn’t take into consideration muscle mass but that’s a rant for another day] I am only just a healthy weight…

BMI calculation

This calculator is available on the NHS website

I try to keep on top of my weight and fitness so I don’t spiral out of control – but at the same time I don’t want to give myself eating issues by obsessing over my food or my weight so I try not to lose sleep over it. In an ideal world I would like to be 8 stone 7 or 9 stone in order to be safely within the ‘healthy’ range but it is SO HARD to work it all off I’m telling you. I’ve been 10 stone for as long as I can remember and I can’t imagine it changing any time soon.

In order to stay on top of my weight I try to eat healthy fruit and vegetables as snacks and get in green tea when I can – I also avoid eating too much take away. I try to exercise as much as possible – I really enjoy the gym, yoga, dancing, and I try to enjoy running… It hasn’t been successful yet but hopefully one day!


My babies

If you would like to know more facts about PCOS please follow this link for official information from the NHS.

I hope this post has been informative and you have all learned a little something or have been able to relate to some of my experiences. Please spread the word so that others can find the medical help they need!

If you can think of any more tips and suggestions in reference to living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, let me know in the comments! I am no doctor, and knowledge is power!

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Jade x

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