Posted on 23rd March 2016

Winging it…

I am finally doing it; I have created the Blog which for months and months I have been wanting to make.


There’s one thing you should know about me… I am really… really… REALLY good at putting off things which I long to do, I shall give you a few examples:

  1. Dying my hair white/silver – Being a natural blonde, this really shouldn’t have taken me THREE YEARS to do. I browsed Pinterest for what now seems like days on end, making boards of my favourite styles, reading reviews online of the best dyes and the do’s and don’ts for dying at home; yet I still put it off.
  2. Going to University – I love education. I love learning, I love reading, I love the classroom environment, I love what potential there is through education. Yet I still took a gap year, working two jobs with X amount of excuses as to why I shouldn’t go “right now”.
  3. Driving – I am twenty one years old, and I am only now contemplating taking my first driving lesson. My sister (who is five years younger than me) will probably be behind the wheel and on the road to independence long before me.
  4. Confronting my now-boyfriend about my feelings – It took me an entire year to finally come clean to my boyfriend that I had feelings for him, which meant that we only started dating when I moved to University, 80 miles from him. Although not the longest distance, it is almost laughable that back home we live less than a mile apart.

Phew… After writing all that down, I’m thinking: “It’s a miracle it only took me a year to make a Blog”.

But this issue of procrastination is one which I am trying to tackle, hence my name; “Wing it with Jade” (which also refers to my borderline addiction to winged eye liner). I’m trying to stop over-thinking things to the absolute extreme, when really I should be grabbing life by the horns and accepting all opportunities which are so readily available to me!!! In other words, I should be more like Monica at a party…


Through this Blog I’ll discuss hair, make up and fashion; how I wear it, reviews and do’s and don’ts. I’ll also discuss fitness as I am slowly learning to enjoy a healthy lifestyle – with the occasional binge of course. Anything else lifestyle related which interests me will be posted on here, be it book reviews,  personal life changing events, or advice based on my own experience. If there’s anything you guys would like to see from me, please comment or get in touch!! I’d love to hear your ideas!!

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Jade x

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