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Posted on 15th October 2016

Revive Your Skin with Scrub Love Mint Coffee Body Scrub

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and our skin is bearing the weight of the changing season. Winter is coming and we must all be ready. One of the only things which I dread about the cooler weather is the dry and flaky skin which accompanies it. I’ve used many a body scrub in the past, and although they do SOMETHING I find myself getting bored with them and leaving the half-used pot to rot in the shower caddy. Sound familiar? Recently I’ve seen Scrub Love blow up on social media. So many bloggers have been raving about this product & so I just had to try it and and see what all the fuss is about.

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Posted on 3rd September 2016

What’s in my Girl Gang goody bag?

I’m so lucky to be able to write this post! On 25 August the amazing Jemma hosted a blogging event at a gorgeous bar called “Dive NQ” in Manchester. The day was so perfect. I would love to spend this whole post raving all about it but unfortunately I have no photos! As some of you might know I’m more than a little shy when I meet new people. I went to The Girl Gang event with every intention of forcing myself to take photos and be bold! I chatted away with so many people but I was just too nervous to ask for selfies or to crack my phone out. Next time!!! Now I’ve met these beautiful people in the flesh once, I’ll definitely be a total camera whore next time. Sorry not sorry. In this post I’ll be talking about the wonderful things which Jemma kindly used to fill my beautiful, pink Girl Gang goody bag.

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Posted on 14th June 2016

Clean your Makeup Brushes with the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

Hi everyone! I hope the start of the week is treating you nicely. As for me, it’s been a lovely relaxed weekend of casual drinking, playing games and watching lots of films with friends and the boyfriend. I really am enjoying being home so much at the moment! I’m making extra effort to make time for my friends now I’m home and I’m so glad, I’ve missed everyone beyond belief.

Today I want to share with you a secret which I have been DYING to let loose… Well… It’s not that much of a secret, I’ve already blabbed about it to countless people because I just couldn’t believe the results. So be prepared for a lot of gushing in this upcoming post because this is my favourite purchase of the month!!

RT Cleansing Palette in Packet

Real Techniques, Brush Cleansing Palette


This product is by Real Techniques and is called the Brush Cleansing Palette. I bought this simply because I was absolutely SICK of scrubbing my brushes against my hand and it taking me at least 30 minutes to clean them – it’s hardly motivating and quite frankly puts me off cleaning them altogether.

So one day a few weeks ago, after labouring once again over my brushes, I thought enough is enough and I typed “Brush Cleaner” into Google and BEHOLD I landed on which offered me the product at a discount price and for free 1st class postage. For once in my life I didn’t even hesitate to check out the reviews, I just whizzed through the checkout and crossed my fingers.


RT Cleansing Palette & Cleansing Gel

*Swooooon* It’s so pretty in pink!

Because I checked out in such a hurry, I hadn’t even noticed that you receive a free trial of the brush cleansing gel, so that was a big bonus for me as I usually just use hand soap or fairy liquid… I’m not exactly a makeup pro quite yet I guess.

RT Brush Cleansing Gel

I found that this gel went a long way! Only half a sachet managed to do all my brushes, so this is a product I will definitely be investing in separately!

RT Cleansing Palette Closeup

The multi-textured surface is designed to gently work between the bristles for enhanced cleaning. It’s ideal for both large powder brushes and tiny liner brushes!!! Score!


Something really HANDY (I know, my humour is amazing terrible) about this product is the amazing handle and the flexible palette design.

RT Cleansing Palette Handle Closeup

Please excuse my gross thumb nail – for some reason that one always snaps…

It fit like a glove and allowed full movement whilst cleaning. It’s also incredibly light so at times I completely forgot I was wearing it at all! As you can see in the photo, the palette is perfectly sized to your hand, and this was something I wasn’t expecting as my hands are exceptionally small, and this means that you are in full control of the palette, which is really important once it’s holding mucky water and your beloved makeup brushes.


Brush Set Before


Brush Set Before Dirtiest

These two were particularly disgusting. I didn’t hold out much hope for the beauty blender, but I’ll get onto that later 😉 


Step one: Fill your cleansing palette with some lukewarm water. Don’t fill it to the brim, just enough to spread across the whole palette. If you overfill the palette it becomes very heavy, and you can damage your brush by exposing the roots to water as it will loosen the bristles and destroy it completely!!

Step two: Apply a small amount of the cleansing gel to your brush. Alternatively, you can use hand soap or fairy liquid as I’ve said earlier – if you have sensitive skin though, it’s probably safest to stick to what you’re comfortable with.

Step three: Swirl your makeup brush back and forth over the textured surface of the palette. As you can see in the image below, I’ve only used the smallest amount of water and look at all that dirt!! It was so satisfying to watch all of this come out. When the water gets quite murky, pour down the drain and refill with some clean water.

Cleansing the Brush Dirty Water

Step four: Repeat until clean. Keep swirling and draining until the water comes out completely clean and without suds. For this particularly gross brush it only took roughly 2-3 minutes which is AMAZING. It used to take me at least 10 before!

Cleansing the Brush Clear Water

How satisfying is that?! Ahhhh.

Step five: Leave to dry. The handy shape of this palette means that you can leave all your brushes to dry on the edge of the sink, inside the palette. As it is a rubbery material I found that it didn’t slip into the sink but stayed put until morning!

***VERY IMPORTANT*** Do not put your brushes bristle-up when drying. The water will travel down the inside of the brush and loosen the bristles, which will ruin the brush completely. So many times have I done this and little hairs come off on my face when applying my makeup. Don’t make that mistake!

Brush Set After

So pretty and clean!

Brush Set After Dirtiest

It’s a miracle!! All of this was done in roughly 15 minutes!


A BEAUTY BLENDER WORD OF CAUTION: As you can see, it cleaned my beauty blender to the point of removing long term stains, which was amazing. However, I got a bit cleanser happy during the process and forgot about the slightly sharper textured area in the middle of the palette, which lead to slight damage of the beauty blender, which you may or may not be able to notice in the images. I’m sure most of you clever lot will figure that one out for yourself, but don’t get too excited and lost in the moment like I did – stay away from the middle section with your beauty blender!


As I’ve said, I purchased this brush cleanser from and following this link, there is a current promotion on which saves you £1.49. At RRP: £12.99 you can now purchase this item from the site at £11.50 with free 1st class postage!!! To me that is an absolute bargain, and you really can’t put a price on happiness, or on beautifully clean makeup brushes!!

Overall I would rate this item as 10/10 for affordability, the look, and for its easy-to-use and highly effective function. I am one happy lady, with beautiful makeup brushes!


If you’re interested in reading another beauty-related post, how about you check out my Everyday Makeup Essentials post, where you can find out which products I rely on for my daily look!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that I have at least shown you how easy it can be to clean your makeup brushes, and hopefully you’ll find this product as fun and easy to use as I do! Have you got any other brush cleaning tips? Have you tried this product and have something to say? Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat – I’d love to talk to you.

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Posted on 18th April 2016

The Body Shop Treats from the Tea Tree Range

Hello lovelies! I’d like to kick-start this week with a post about my recent gift to myself [I love myself soo much for this wise decision], my 3 little treats from The Body Shop tea tree range – the body scrub, clay mask and the foam cleanser.

BodyShop items wingitwithjade

I have heard many good things about The Body Shop in the past, but for some reason I have never so much as ventured into the store, let alone considered trying their products. I think it may have something to do with their popular brand name – for some silly reason I had the idea in my head that their items would be mind-blowingly expensive, when really they’re very reasonably priced!

What finally convinced me to give them a try was a The Body Shop consultant contacting me via Twitter. Danielle  direct messaged me on Twitter asking me if I would be interested in buying from her, as she can keep me up to date with the best deals and discounts – what a bargain! Admittedly I was a little apprehensive at first because it seemed too good to be true, and I am always paranoid about online scamming/hacking etc. But Danielle understood this completely and put my mind at ease by providing her account code and information and allowing me as much time as I needed to make up my mind. By the time I had gone through the whole of The Body Shop’s website (about 50 times with a million tabs up on my browser – there were so many goodies to choose from!) the offer which Danielle was able to give me was 40% off 3 full priced items, which was perfect as I had my eye on three favourites in particular. These items were all from the tea tree range, the tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser £5.50, the fuji green tea body scrub £15 and the skin clearing clay mask £11.

I paid Danielle via Pay Pal and the postage came to £4.25, which I found incredibly reasonable considering the quantity I was purchasing! With my discount my order came to a total of £23.15 with a total saving of £12.60 – I am incredibly frugal so I was chuffed to know how much I saved! My order arrived after only 3 working days, I was amazed! As I was ordering through a consultant I kind of expected a slight delay [I don’t know why I have these presumptions] and the packaging was so great it really brought a smile to my face.

BodyShop Parcel wingitwithjade

I love the time and care which has clearly gone into packaging this item, it truly made me feel special and valued as a customer. I absolutely LOVE the quote which is printed on the inside of the box – I am a bit weird with quotes but it gave me the kind of excitement you get when the Dominoes delivery guy ACTUALLY writes out the Harry Potter quote or draws you a picture of a unicorn.

BodyShop quote wingitwithjade

Ahhh, I just love the monochrome boldness of it!

I also really loved the fact that they had included a The Body Shop bag and sealed it nicely as this stopped my products from rolling around too much and becoming damaged, whilst keeping the beautiful aesthetic of the package appealing.

BodyShop bag wingitwithjade

Maybe I’m a bit weird but I love packaging – especially paper bags

Now I’ll run through my items and why I love them so much in order of which ones I tried first:

  1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

Body Shop cleanser tilt wingitwithjade

Admittedly I am pretty negligent of my skin usually as I lie to myself and say that I don’t have time for a proper skincare regime. After trying this product I can now confidently say that all that is about to change! What I love about this product is how easy it is to apply and remove. That may sound strange but some of them can be really slimey and get all over your hands, be tricky to cover your face with, then difficult to get off in one go. With the useful pump on this cleanser I used a small amount, probably about half the size of my palm to apply to my pre-soaked face and it was able to cover the whole surface. I did pump an extra one or two times, simply because I loved the smell and the feeling on my skin. With it being tea tree, it instantly smells so clean and refreshing, without being too harsh or overpowering. The foam absorbed into my skin instantly and I could feel it working straight away. Without causing pain or a stinging sensation, which I find some cleansing products do (I have mildly sensitive skin – probably why I’m so lazy when it comes to skincare), I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle on my skin this was! After massaging my skin for a couple of minutes I soaked my face in lukewarm water to remove the product and as I stood up straight to look in the mirror – the effect was amazing. All my pores seemed to have reduced in size by at least half and I just felt, well, cleaner! I will DEFINITELY be using this product at least once every two days in order to prevent break outs and to generally treat my skin. An absolute bonus is that the product only cost me £5.50, so I won’t be at all concerned about replenishing it when it eventually runs out!

2. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

Body Shop mask open eagle wingitwithjade

This was a big step for me as I have only ever tried facial masks which you get in the sachets from beauty shops *gasp*. I just felt like I would get bored of an entire tub and want a change before I reached the end and it would be left to rot. Once again, this product has proved me wrong completely. The smell of the mask was a slightly more ‘earthy’ version of the last – so very natural, yet clean and relaxing. The colour is absolutely wonderful! I love its vibrancy and how it is green (I have always wanted a green face mask like they wear in films, yet I have never really seen one). The texture of the mask is very creamy, making it SO easy to apply. I don’t even know how to put into fractions or percentages how little of the pot I needed to adequately cover my whole face. As with the last product, I could feel it working instantly so I didn’t feel the need to slap it on as I usually do with face masks, desperate to use the most of the sachet as possible. I laid on my bed for the recommended 10-15 minutes, fighting the urge to drift off to sleep – it was honestly the most therapeutic facial mask I have ever worn. And after a good half an hour (I was enjoying myself with my Cosmo magazine and lost track of time), the mask was still perfectly intact, it was like a glossy green layer had been added to my skin – no unwanted crumbling or cracking!

BodyShop tea tree clay mask Wingitwithjade

After 30 minutes with the mask on! No filter needed *sassy hair swish*

I used a warm damp flannel to remove the mask, and it came off with perfect ease – and my skin looked so calm underneath. For the rest of the day I couldn’t stop touching it. It’s usually quite bumpy and oily but when using these products it feels so balanced, smooth and soft! The clay mask is slightly more pricey at £11 but to be honest it’s way worth it in my mind. A little goes a long way, so I know that the tub will definitely last me several months if I use it roughly once a week, which I definitely will be doing! The pairing of these two products has given me such confidence with my skin and have taught me a very valuable lesson: a skincare regime really does make all the difference!


3. Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub

Body Shop scrub wingitwithjade

Technically, I’m not sure that this fits into the tea tree range, but due to the colour and it’s nature I have put this in with the other two as they compliment each other incredibly.

Body scrub is the one product I do tend to use regularly as I receive them in sets for Christmas and Birthdays and find them crucial when I’m self tanning and leading up to the summer period, in particular to give me more confidence when baring my legs. The fuji green tea scrub smelt absolutely gorgeous! When I opened the lid the scent hit me like a wave and I felt like I had been whisked away to a Centre Parcs spa retreat (a bit cheesy but it’s true!) I was also amazed by the vibrant green colour – it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

Body Shop scrub open wingitwithjade

Do you see what I mean? It’s so sparkly and pretty looking.

I used this item in the shower and it did everything it should have done – the beads were nice and firm and felt so nice to massage into my skin. The smell was absolutely gorgeous and relaxing too! My skin felt really nice and soft when I got out – this product is perfect for my needs and a very good purchase! Having said that, with the price being £15 I would be more reluctant to buy this regularly as it is more of a treat. I will definitely be adding this to future birthday and Christmas wish lists and potentially treating myself occasionally but purely due to the price, I don’t think I will be buying this as regularly as the other two! Having said that, I don’t regret buying this item and will definitely be using it as a little treat on my off days.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and will check out The Body Shop site or hit up Danielle on Twitter if you would like some great offers and promotions! Do you have any items from The Body Shop which you love? Have you tried these products and have something to say about them? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts.

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