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What’s in my Girl Gang goody bag?

I’m so lucky to be able to write this post! On 25 August the amazing Jemma hosted a blogging event at a gorgeous bar called “Dive NQ” in Manchester. The day was so perfect. I would love to spend this whole post raving all about it but unfortunately I have no photos! As some of you might know I’m more than a little shy when I meet new people. I went to The Girl Gang event with every intention of forcing myself to take photos and be bold! I chatted away with so many people but I was just too nervous to ask for selfies or to crack my phone out. Next time!!! Now I’ve met these beautiful people in the flesh once, I’ll definitely be a total camera whore next time. Sorry not sorry. In this post I’ll be talking about the wonderful things which Jemma kindly used to fill my beautiful, pink Girl Gang goody bag.

What is The Girl Gang?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Girl Gang I have one thing to say: JOIN US. The most amazing thing about this lovely group is that it is open to everyone. It’s such a positive community. There’s always someone there for you, just on the other side of a hashtag. I discovered this amazing group through the Twitter chat which is every Monday at 6pm. Every week is a different topic so nothing is ever missed out. Jemma has even started arranging regular movie nights so you can all talk about your favourite bits on Twitter. I have met so many wonderful friends through The Girl Gang and I cannot express the love I have for Jemma. Thank you for making this group and for letting me be a part of something so brilliant and unique!


So… What’s in the Girl Gang goody bag?

Prepare to be amazed at what I have to show you! Jemma clearly went to an obscene amount of effort to arrange these gems (whey) for us.

Open Cropped Bag GG Goodie Bag

I was so impressed to see both the quality and the quantity of the items which filled our beautiful pink tote bags! But enough of my waffle, I’ll actually show you what you came to see now 😉


Balmi coconut lip balm

All I’ve heard lately is how amazing coconut is for your skin, your hair, your nails, your digestive system… Coconut seems to be the answer for every problem you can think of! What with the upcoming cold weather (Winter is Coming… we must all be ready) I am so excited to have this little beauty in my handbag at all times.

Balmi Coconut Lip Balm GG Goodie Bag

BIBA makeup bag

This was the first thing that caught my eye out of the Girl Gang goody bag. I have a confession to make… I don’t own a proper makeup bag. I know, I’m a hypocrite… My whole life is a lieeeee! Okay, maybe that’s a little bit extreme. I love the golden tone of this makeup bag, and paired with it’s gorgeous texture and the bold lettering – it’s a dream! I may even use this as a cheeky clutch bag. I love a good multi-use item.

BIBA Makeup Bag GG Goodie Bag

C433 Crown brush

First thing’s first: monochrome! Ahhhhhhh I love it. This brush is so gorgeous and soft. I’ve found other brushes that I’ve bought for a bargain price to be quite sharp and scratchy. I know the red eye look is in at the moment but I’m not so sure about scabs… I’m pleased to tell you that this brush is nice and gentle on the eyes. I’ve also had a little look at their website and their brush ranges are to die for!

C433 Crown Brush GG Goodie Bag

Dinkser Pinkster gin

Up until The Girl Gang event I had only ever had gin once before, just a teensy sip, and it didn’t do wonders for me. All my friends drink a G&T and I feel like the odd one out. But who am I to deny free alcohol? Jemma arranged for a Pinkster rep to be at the event serving G&T’s to all of us, and it was delicious! She gave us a little talk later on about the Pinkster brand and she told us that this gin derives from raspberries. MY FAVOURITE FRUIT. I think I have found my soulmate in alcohol. A huge plus: it’s pink!! I was so content sticking this little freebie in my Girl Gang goody bag.

Dinkster Pinkster Gin GG Goodie Bag

GOSH nail and cuticle oil

Because everyone’s nails need some TLC every now and again. We put them through so much grief with the fake nails and general wear and tear – it’s time we gave them something back.

GOSH Nail and Cuticle Oil GG Goodie Bag

House of Fraser affiliate programme

How amazing is this?! This is what I LOVE about The Girl Gang – we support each other and raise each other up. I’m not an affiliate with any clothing brands as of yet so I’m so excited for the opportunity! Thank you Jemma! She’s like the Santa Claus of the blogging world!

House of Fraser Affiliate GG Goodie Bag

Dorkface print

Not only is Jemma an amazing blogger, event planner and a wonderful generous human being; she’s a bloody fantastic artist too! She is, after all, the designer and illustrator of my header. I am beyond obsessed with Jemma’s Etsy shop (which you can find here). Jemma is self employed and it’s fantastic to support small business owners. I’m always buying her adorable stickers and prints. They’re so up my street it’s unreal!! Jemma announced at the Girl Gang event that she would be selling her prints at a reduced price of £3 each (bargain) and all the proceedings would be going to charity. What a perfect excuse to buy some more! If I could have my whole room covered in them I would… You never know, there’s still time.

Jemma Dorkface Print GG Goodie Bag

Jurlique balancing face mist

I was so excited to find this in my Girl Gang goody bag! When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is reach for my moisturiser, but sometimes that’s just not enough. I think that this will be an absolute godsend. Not only for sorting my skin out, but also for waking me up in the morning.

Jurlique Balancing Mist GG Goodie Bag

La Roche-Posay toner

I’m someone who suffers with annoying combination skin. As I mentioned before, I have to moisturise my skin first thing in the morning in order to avoid flaky patches. But that means that by the end of the day my makeup is melting off and … it’s just not a good look. I can’t wait to implement this into my skincare routine and see if it helps with my greasy pizza face!

La Roche-Posay Toner GG Goodie Bag

Lily Rose Co print

Everyone at the GG event received different prints from Lily Rose Co, and I am so chuffed with mine! Foil wording prints are so in at the moment and I can’t wait to cover my walls in them!

Lily Rose Co Print GG Goodie Bag

Miss Organics face oil

I think I’m totally covered for creating a skincare regime thanks to the lovely Jemma! I love the branding of this product. Just looking at it makes me feel so clean and fresh!

Miss Organics Face Oil GG Goodie Bag

Ole Henrisken skincare set

How cute is this little gift set?! This would make the perfect little stocking filler. I’ve particularly got my eye on the Collagen Booster – I’d love to see if the little bits from this set make a difference!

Ole Henrisken GG Goodie Bag

Soap & Glory gloss stick

I only found out the other day that Soap & Glory are animal cruelty free! How did I not know this?! Although I’m not a huge fan of a hot pink lip, I’m excited to try more from the Soap & Glory range. Who knows… maybe this gloss stick will turn me?

Soap&Glory Gloss Stick GG Goodie Bag

Tangle Angel Baby key ring

How handy is this little baby?! Wind is the absolute bane of my life and knots are my worst enemy. I’m hoping that this adorable little key ring will save my life, and hopefully prevent split ends and general hair loss… Woopsy!

Tangle Angel Baby Keyring GG Goodie Bag

Timeless Truth eye mask

I’ve been wanting to try one of these for aaaaages. My lack of sleep and use of contact lenses makes my eyes look… well.. a bit naff. Most mornings I find myself piling on the under eye concealer like a brick layer! I’m really hoping that this gives my eyes the TLC they need to help me feel a bit more human again.

Timeless Truth Facial Mask GG Goodie Bag

UGLY juice drink

Hahahaha. I LOVE the branding of this product. I legitimately giggled when I pulled this out of my Girl Gang goody bag on the train. Is this a hint Jemma? I’m just kidding haha! When I opened the can I was hit with how beautifully fruity it smells. Unfortunately, it was an entirely different story when I tasted it… I like my drinks fatty and sugary or full of health and vitality. This was a little bit too in the middle for my taste buds. I loved giving it a go though – it definitely gave me something to smile about!

UGLY Juice Drink GG Goodie Bag

We Are Tea gunpowder supreme

Call me weird, but what is more refreshing than a green tea? My desk drawer at work is rammed full of green tea for those days when I’m feeling a bit bloated and generally flumpy. I can’t wait to add this to the drawer and see if it tastes any different. I always like to try new brands to see if there’s anything new to offer.

We Are Tea Green Tea GG Goodie Bag

Yoshi Lichfield retro purse

Since the event I’ve had a look at the items Yoshi Lichfield has to offer and oh my god, these purses are the cutest! Such good value for money too!

Yoshi Lichfield Retro Back Purse GG Goodie Bag

Yoshi Lichfield Retro Purse GG Goodie Bag www.wingitwithjade.comThe best thing about these purses is the fantastic quality! I must admit; this purse isn’t exactly my style. It would have been me a few years ago – but retro isn’t me anymore I’m afraid… I’m just not cool enough!

Having said that, I am so so glad to have received one of these purses regardless as it got me looking at the site and I now have a few purses in my basket… Cheeky 😉

Yoshi Lichfield Retro Open Purse GG Goodie Bag

A huge thank you

Well, what can I say?! I think we can all agree that Jemma has spoiled us totally and completely. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend The Girl Gang event. It was a brilliant day; I met wonderful people and all around had a right laugh! All these little goodies are, if nothing else, a fantastic reminder of my lovely experience. Thank you so so so so much Jemma for going to all this effort; trust me when I say that it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Pink Wand GG Goodie Bag

Are you a part of The Girl Gang? Were you at the event? Have you tried any of these amazing goodies? Please comment below and let me know what you think!


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