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Kylie Jenner Lip Kit of Kylie Cosmetics: Koko K


Ahem, Hey beautiful people! Sorry –  I had to get that excitement out of the way! I literally can’t believe I managed to get a Koko K lip kit on my first attempt.


I will set the scene for you: Me and Katie were in the library stressing about our dissertations in the final stages. We knew that the lip kits were going on sale at 9pm UK time. So we got to the library at 8pm, cracked open the red bull and opened 3 different browsers on 3 different devices. We were fully prepared for the best and worst outcomes. 9pm hit and we refreshed and refreshed and NOTHING? Oh wait… That wasn’t the home page… WE’RE IN! I have never seen Katie click buttons so frantically in my life. She added our purchases to her basket and we were placed into the queue.




We repeated these steps on my laptop and for some reason it went through almost immediately (?!) So Katie read out her card details (we shared postage and I paid half via PayPal – a great way to cut down on shipping costs!) whilst I took my turn frantically typing away. We were sweating.. It was so intense.


After waiting for what seemed like a century… WE DID IT! We went to the confirmation screen and no joke: we screamed, jumped up and started dancing and flashing each other (our standard response to exciting news). Thankfully, we were in a private room in the library… 



Fast forward 5 weeks, to Friday morning, and the fateful day had come… It arrived! I shouted up to Katie having put the box outside her room and she fell out of bed running for it (not an uncommon event in our house).

I really can’t explain my excitement on seeing that beautiful box in the post man’s hand!


Eeeee! So pretty! <3

My only concern upon actually opening the box was… Well… How easy it was to open! This box worth collectively over £50 was held shut with a singular strip of cello tape. I literally just pulled the box and it opened for me! Although this is great for keeping the quality of the box in perfect condition etc, it’s not so great considering how easy it would be to steal and re-seal the package… Maybe something for Kylie Cosmetics to think about!

But all this was forgotten when the excitement settled in: it really is just as beautiful as you would expect, and then some! I love the beautiful post card given by Kylie!












It’s absolutely gorgeous for starters, but it also made me feel really special! I didn’t keep this one as Katie made the order and has ordered a couple more than me – but I can’t wait to order another and pin it up on my wall.

 I had so much fun taking these photos – the packaging is just so beautiful and photogenic!




Mmmm!! So pretty! I probably took around 50 photos in total – purely because every shot I took was better than the last! Thank you Kylie for designing packaging so aesthetically pleasing – it’s a Bloggers dream come true <3


But moving on to the part you’re all probably waiting for – What do I think of the lip kit?

Well, if I’m honest, I didn’t hold high hopes – even after all the wonderful things I had read and seen. I am quite cynical. Lip products which profess to be long-lasting never usually live up to their name for me and have faded horrifically by my second cup of tea in the morning! I was also worried that the colour wouldn’t suit me – that the photos online would be completely misleading and Ahhhh! I had basically run through every bad possible outcome in my mind.



The lip liner glided on so smoothly and easily. It was my first ever time using lip liner so I was very cautious to not over-line (my biggest pet peeve because it just looks awful when not performed correctly). But this creamy textured pencil was an absolute dream! It was even easy to manoeuvre around my lip ring – a task which no lip product has managed as of yet!!! – My only question about this product iwas: what happens if/when you run out? It doesn’t look like an actual pencil  and although I feel it should be, I’ve tried and it isn’t retractable. But I have since found the answer: you can in fact sharpen it! The pencil really is deceiving in appearance but I have tried and tested it and it sharpens just fine- just make sure your sharpener isn’t blunt because then you might ruin the whole pencil.



I know – I know. You’re probably sick of reading about the smell, but you’re going to have to read it one last time. THAT SMELL!!! I love it because it smells so natural and safe to apply to your lips – I kinda freak myself out at the thought of all the chemicals I am consuming when I wear lipstick, and the smell is a constant reminder. But my mind is put at ease with the lovely sweet aroma of the Kylie Jenner lipstick. It also helps my mind to know that Koko K is completely free from animal testing and is vegan friendly – Big thumbs up!


Hands down the easiest product I’ve ever swatched – it was so soft to apply and only needed the smallest amount in order to gain even coverage (Apologies for the wiggly lip line… I was a bit excited)

Once again, this product is so easy to apply! It tackled my lip ring like it was nothing, yet again! I made the mistake of applying it quite thickly to begin with, but no biggie! I just spread the liquid across my lips and waited the very short time before having a good look – I couldn’t believe just how great it made me feel.


Not to blow my own horn or anything, but HOW MUCH DOES THIS SUIT ME?!

All I can say is: WOW. Kylie Jenner and her company, Kylie Cosmetics, have truly lived up to their amazing quality reputation. It’s safe to say that when my purse is looking a bit podgier I am going to be investing in quite a few of these!

For the first time since I can remember, my lips felt fuller and sexier and just amazing really. The colour really complimented my eyes and skin tone – I would definitely recommend Koko K for those with a fairer complexion!


I have just realised that the colour on my lips is an EXACT match to that on the box – Yet another thumbs up from me! No false advertising, Yay!!

I hope you guys can all see how much of a huge impact this has made on my daily make up – I was baring it with no wings that day, but the Koko K lip kit made my look seem that much more glamorous, without going overboard!

All in all, I am more than impressed with Kylie Jenner’s products and am really excited for the new things she will have to offer in the short term! Considering my only issue with my order was unsecured packaging, to which my item wasn’t even affected by, isn’t really bad going at all!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this – I definitely enjoyed writing it… & taking the photos… & trying the product … & staring at the photos…. I LOVE IT.

Do you have any questions about Koko K? Have you tried it and have a different opinion to myself? Have you had any issues with Kylie Cosmetics which you would like to share? Are you as excited as me about this fantastic brand? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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