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MultiPower Protein Snacks to Try this Year

MultiPower Protein Snacks -

It’s that time of year again… “New Year, New Me!” You can almost hear this same phrase being chanted from the rooftops of sweaty gyms and pop-up juice stands. I refuse to adopt this saying. This is simply because to say “New Year, New Me” is to suggest that I am not happy with the person who I am today, which would be a lie. So instead I promise to simply better myself this year. To rest more, to work harder, to make more memories, and to look after myself. Now, I am strongly against fad diets and quick fixes, what a load of trollop. I simply choose to make better lifestyle choices and to be more active. My biggest vice in life, like so many others, is my love of sugar. For this very reason I was so excited when given the opportunity to try out some on-the-go MultiPower Protein Snacks to help me kerb my cravings. Keep reading to find out why I’m so obsessed with these Protein supplements, and why they would be perfect to try in 2017!!!

About MultiPower

Founded in 1977, this huge company originated in Germany. With all these years of experience and a fantastic team of both professionals and athletes on board, you can have every faith that they know exactly what they’re doing. 53% Protein Bar - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

There are two main groups to MultiPower products: Sports Food and Professional. The Sports Food group focuses on endurance, muscle size, strength, tone and definition, whilst the Professional group is orientated around strength, training and bodybuilding.

The MultiPower website is fantastically easy to navigate and to find the perfect product to achieve your fitness goals.

MultiPower Protein Snacks

As I mentioned earlier, I am a huge sucker for sugar. When I pop to the local shop/ pull into the petrol station you can almost guarantee that I’ll be leaving with a yorkie bar and a lucozade. This is a really naughty, pointless habit that I want to kick up the backside, starting right now.

In my experience, the best way to kerb a bad habit is to put a good habit in it’s place. This definitely shaped my choice of MultiPower protein snacks  when deciding what to have. I wanted some tasty, convenient bars and some yummy drinks to satisfy me – all of which to be taken and consumed on the go… I don’t ask for much do I?

Protein SmoothieProtein Smoothie - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

My thought behind the smoothie was simply to replace the ever-addictive lucozade. The reasons I reach for the fizz are for the flavour, the convenience, and for the sugar. These fruity protein smoothies come in two delicious flavours: Orange and Mango and Raspberry and Blueberry. I can honestly say that I can’t pick between the two for flavour – they are both so fruity and delicious! They can be stored anywhere, to be refrigerated once opened – which of course makes them super low maintenance to stock up at home.Protein Smoothie - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

Due to the fruity flavour I can honestly say that these drinks give me just the kick I need when I’m after one. 26 grams of protein per serving also means that they’re incredibly filling – which also stops me from reaching for the chocolate.Protein Smoothie - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

Being a smoothie, they also come in really handy for on-the-go breakfasts when you’re in a pinch. I’m forever reaching for one of these protein smoothies when time is tight or if I’m making a long journey early in the morning.

Want to know another perk? Of course you do, they’re vegetarian and gluten-free!! It’s a shame that they’re not suitable for vegans, but maybe in time!

53% Protein Bar 53% Protein Bar - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

I was spoilt for choice with the four different flavours available for this bar. Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Berry Yoghurt and Coconut! I just had to give them all a try – greedy guts I know. 53% Protein Bar - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

 53% Protein Bar - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

I must say that Chocolate and Cookies & Cream win hands down for me… BY MILES. They taste every bit as good as my beloved yorkies, with no wave of guilt afterwards. I’m not a massive fan of coconut, so this was naturally my least favourite. Berry Yoghurt, Dan’s favourite out of the four, was a really nice summery flavour, but it didn’t quite do it for me. It would be a brilliant alternative however to sugary, yoghurt cereal bars. 53% Protein Bar - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

These protein bars are perfect as a tasty treat or after training to aid muscle development and recovery. I literally couldn’t believe it when I read that there were only 1.8 grams of sugar and only 200 calories per bar?! Considering the amazing taste and how much they really do fill you up it’s incredible! Who said eating healthy means cutting out the tasty treats you enjoy?!

40% Protein Fit40% Protein Fit - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

This is the newest product of the three. It’s perfect for topping up your protein intake for the day or to enjoy after smashing a training session.40% Protein Fit - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

It comes in three flavours: Peach Yoghurt, Blueberry Vanilla and Chocolate & Almond. Unfortunately I detest peach in foods. I can eat them on their own but not when mixed into things… Don’t ask. Out of the two flavours I did try – you guessed it – chocolate and almond was HANDS DOWN my favourite. I look forward to eating one of these yummy devils every day. Yum. Having said that, the Blueberry Vanilla didn’t fall far behind and was damn tasty too. I’m just a huge sucker for chocolate.40% Protein Fit - MultiPower Protein Snacks - www.wingitwithjade

This bar contains 40% protein (if that’s not obvious from the name – HA), a measly 1 gram of sugar and it’s under 135 calories?! It sounds to good to be true. This is the clear alternative to the 53% bar for cutting sugar and calories without compromising on taste!

How Much will the MultiPower Protein Snacks Cost You?

These delicious treats can be bought in multi-packs online, which is super handy to keep you stocked up. There are also regular special offers on the MultiPower site including free delivery when you spend over £10 when shipping to the UK!!! Free delivery makes me all kinds of happy. I’ve included the current prices of these products below with handy links to view them for yourselves:

What Will I be Buying Next?

I’m just so addicted to this brand now I’m already eyeing up my next purchase, Energy Charge in flavours Orange or Wildberry. I love taking endurance drinks before my workout to really get pumped and energised, I find it really helps me make the most of it. This will give me an extra kick whilst training, and the flavours sound gorgeous. An added plus of this one is that it is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free AND lactose-free! Which means that it would suit literally everyone in my household – an extreme rarity.

I’ll also definitely be re-buying the 40% Protein Bars as I’ve been steaming through these lately, and I may have to treat myself to some more delicious chocolate 53% Protein Bars too! I might wait until I have a bit more money until I splurge on the smoothies, as they are just that little bit more expensive.


These amazing fitness products pave the way for a healthier, happier 2017 – without deciding that you’re going to become an entirely new person. Since receiving them, I always keep a protein bar in my handbag and a smoothie in the fridge for when cravings kick in – and it’s honestly working perfectly! Not only that, but I actually look forward to rewarding myself to one of the MultiPower Protein snacks after a workout.

MultiPower Protein Snacks -

Have you ever bought fitness products from MultiPower? Have you ever used supplements or reached for the protein bars? Do you have any New Years resolutions you’d like to share with me? Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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**DISCLAIMER** I received these products in exchange for a review. My opinions about the products remain to be honest and unbiased

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