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Make Every Day Matter with The Moments Journal

Make Every Day Mattter with The Moments Journal - www.wingitwithjade

It’s the beginning of 2017 and we are all looking forward with the hopes of an even bigger and brighter year than the last. I’m sure that when we look back at 2016 there are just as many good memories as there are bad ones (although Brexit, Trump and the deaths of so many talented stars may cause you to question this). Something I worry about is the possibility of forgetting the smaller, happier moments in life. The moments which made you truly grateful to be alive. The Moments Journal aims to ensure that you don’t forget these important day-to-day details by encouraging you to record and appreciate each and every single one. Intriguing right? Continue reading to find out more…

Origins of The Moments Journal

The Moments Journal was created by Nisha Kotecha, founder of a feel-good group called “Good News Shared”. This movement features positive, charitable stories from around the globe.

With this amazing idea, Nisha aims to provide hope to those who are in need of it most and to remind people of the good in this world. I think that this is just so important nowadays, especially with the media in today’s society which seems to only ever focus on the negative.Make Every Day Mattter with The Moments Journal - www.wingitwithjade

Research has found that by answering six carefully chosen questions every evening it will improve mental health, sleep, optimism, and a bunch of other fantastic things. Just six questions per day?! It sounds too simple to work right?! Yet Nisha stands by her method, claiming that she now appreciates so much more of the good in the every day.

“The world is full of amazing things. It’s important for our well-being that we take the time to notice and be thankful for them. I hope Good News Shared and The Moments Journal helps people – as it has helped me – see and appreciate more and more of the good things that happen both in their day and in the world in general.”Nisha Kotecha

How The Moments Journal Works

There is a guided structure to the journal which makes it super user friendly. It’s also jargon-free and dummy-proof. There is no way that you wouldn’t get your head around it. It’s simplicity is refreshing and allows you to follow instructions without having to use your brain too much before bed time.Make Every Day Mattter with The Moments Journal - www.wingitwithjade

There’s also a helpful breakdown of the journal available on the website which also helps to highlight the benefits of The Moments Journal.

Make Every Day Mattter with The Moments Journal - www.wingitwithjade

The questions are fantastic because they genuinely encourage you to reflect positively on your day. Perhaps it’s just me, but with a free-thought journal I always tend to focus on the negative events/emotions of my day. Maybe that’s a reflection of how short lasting happy memories can be, but either way, I’d like to think more positively from now on.Make Every Day Mattter with The Moments Journal - www.wingitwithjade

I can’t wait to get started with my Moments Journal and excited to be able to look back in, say, a year’s time and to remember all the little things which made me happy from day-to-day. I can definitely see this being a fantastic brain dump exercise before bed. Getting your mind to really relax in positive thought just before switching off for the night.


I was so pleasantly surprised with the superb quality of this little journal. It’s definitely of an incredibly high standard. The Moments Journal is one of those little notebooks which feels soft, luxurious and expensive to touch. I admit that I am a little weird about stationary… But regardless, this ticks all the boxes for me.Make Every Day Mattter with The Moments Journal - www.wingitwithjade

The Moments Journal is currently priced at £15 from the Good News Shared site, which you can find here. That’s a fairly standard price for a journal, especially once you consider the quality and also the quotes and prompts included throughout.

All proceeds are reinvested into the Good News Shared movement which is amazing and makes it so much easier to justify the purchase. Buying a Moments Journal will help to spread hope and share uplifting stories across the globe, making this world just that little bit brighter.

Rounding Off

All-in-all I think The Moments Journal is a wonderful investment, not just for your own mental health but also for others! There really is no downside to this product and I’m so grateful to Nisha for giving me the opportunity to speak about it.

Make Every Day Mattter with The Moments Journal - www.wingitwithjade

Make sure you check out the Good News Shared site here. I’ve also included some Good News Shared social media links below so that you can all be first hand witnesses to the positive stories which Nisha is trying to spread.

Facebook Page: @themomentsjournal


Instagram: @goodnewsmoments

Twitter: @goodnewsmoments

Make Every Day Mattter with The Moments Journal - www.wingitwithjade

Have you ever heard of Good News Shared or The Moments Journal? Do you try to implement positivity in your daily life to improve MH? Do you have any uplifting stories or anecdotes you’d like to share with me? Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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**DISCLAIMER** I received this product in exchange for a review. My opinions about the product remain to be honest and unbiased

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