Posted on 15th October 2016

Revive Your Skin with Scrub Love Mint Coffee Body Scrub

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and our skin is bearing the weight of the changing season. Winter is coming and we must all be ready. One of the only things which I dread about the cooler weather is the dry and flaky skin which accompanies it. I’ve used many a body scrub in the past, and although they do SOMETHING I find myself getting bored with them and leaving the half-used pot to rot in the shower caddy. Sound familiar? Recently I’ve seen Scrub Love blow up on social media. So many bloggers have been raving about this product & so I just had to try it and and see what all the fuss is about.

The Packaging

scrub love-wand-www-wingitwithjade-com

I am so in love with the design of Scrub Love and the product. The pastel mint (clever ehhhh) and polka dot design caught my eye immediately.

Usually I buy body scrubs packaged in tubs or pots which are impossible to open in the shower and often collect far too much water and ruin the quality. That’s a huge reason why I end up giving up half way through the tub. The ice cold pool of water isn’t so appealing to apply to my warm, freshly washed skin. The seal design of Scrub Love makes it soooo easy to access the body scrub without fumbling and filling it with water. This in effect preserves the product – frugal me is very happy about this.

scrub love-instructions-www-wingitwithjade-com

I also love that they’ve included instructions on the back! That probably sounds ridiculous because… yeah I guess it’s pretty self-explanatory. The reason I appreciate it so much though is because I am a self-confessed perfectionist. The evidence sitting in front of me that I’m doing something right is always welcomed. Plus, I’ve never really been one for singing in the shower so I’m very thankful for the reading material. HA. Yes, I even manage to make time for reading in the shower. So until they invent a waterproof kindle which sticks to the shower wall (HELLO DRAGON’S DEN. Patenting this idea FYI) I will giggle in the shower at the witticisms of Scrub Love.

First Impressions

Okay, confession time: I hate coffee. The taste is just so strong and bitter it makes me gag. One day I aspire to be able to drink coffee with a straight face – this will mean that I am officially adulting correctly. Thankfully though I do love the smell of coffee. To me it signifies the morning, positivity and productivity. (Probably because everyone who drinks it is buzzing their tits off first thing in the morning. I’m definitely missing out).

scrub love-spill-angle-www-wingitwithjade-com

I decided to opt for the mint coffee Scrub Love because it seemed a little bit different. I can honestly say that I am loving myself for going with my gut on this one. The second you open that bag, such a strong and heavenly aroma smacks you BANG in the face. But in a good way. In an eyes-wide-open, let’s get motivated kinda way. I can imagine that a coffee drinker would be absolutely obsessed with using this first thing in the morning – I know I am.

How does it feel? Could it be… Scrub Love?

It completely took me by surprise when I reached into the Scrub Love bag and felt how moist it was (sorry). From what I’d previously seen it looked a bit like dried up dirt. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! When I took a big handful it felt like I’d scooped up some soaked soil after heavy rainfall. Although this may not sound too appealing, it couldn’t have felt more natural to apply to the skin.

Using Scrub Love in the shower felt so refreshing and natural. Pairing the soothing yet tough texture with the amazing scent was a bit of a euphoric experience to be honest.

scrub love-excited-www-wingitwithjade-com

This definitely feels like the most effective body scrub I have EVER used. I love the natural and earthy feel to it – I’m beyond addicted. I feel like some other body scrubs can feel a little too synthetic and harsh on the skin. Pairing this with a hot shower has even caused me to break out in rashes a few times thanks to my sensitive skin. I have not had a single negative experience with Scrub Love so far – they’ve nicely balanced the natural/effective elements to a body scrub.

After washing off

What I love most about using the Scrub Love body scrub is the heavenly tingling feeling which I experience after washing it off. Now, I’m not going to over exaggerate and freak you all out. My skin didn’t feel other-worldly or concern me at all – it just felt minty fresh! The tingling sensation simply made me feel like my skin has never been cleaner. I had been born again! My skin feels as soft as a baby’s but I smell like a very clean adult! Damn!! So many feels.

scrub love-www-wingitwithjade-com


If you are looking for a body scrub this autumn/winter and you love the smell of coffee then Scrub Love Coffee Scrub if perfect for you! The Mint Coffee scrub was really great for me in order to give it a little surprising something extra, but if the tingling sensation or minty fresh feeling does not appeal to you – there is always the plain coffee version. There is also a coconut variation which I know would be perfect for so many people – everyone loves the holy grail of coconut.

Where can you get your hands on Scrub Love

Well, you can go direct to their goooorgeous site. Or you can go to my favourite site in the world Beauty Bay. I have done my usual and shopped around for the best deal & I don’t know if you’ll be happy or sad but the price seems to be the same everywhere! The Original Lovin’ coffee scrub is priced at £11.95, Mint Temptation which I have spoken about today is £12.95 and Coconut Affair (I love these names) is the priciest at £13.95.

scrub love-smile-www-wingitwithjade-com

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post (and of course seeing my over-eager naked face). I’m completely obsessed with Scrub Love and I can’t wait to make an excuse to buy the Coconut Affair coffee scrub too! Have you tried any amazing body scrubs lately? Do you have any other skincare must haves? Or any tips for surviving Autumn/Winter in the UK? Please comment below and let me know what you think.

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