Posted on 19th July 2017

Review: Koko Lashes in Dashin’

Flatlay - Review Koko Lashes in Dashin'

A little while ago I was contacted to review a pair of Koko lashes. I’d never heard of Koko lashes before, but after doing some research I was excited to try them out. They have so many different kinds of lashes and they are all handmade with high quality synthetic fibres and human hairs.  To top it off they’re cruelty free! One of my absolute favourite things in a beauty brand, and something I definitely look for before buying a product. I decided to go for a slightly bolder than usual style of falsies (bolder for me anyway) for something different. 

First Impressions of Koko Lashes

On receiving my Koko lashes I was impressed with the pastel pink packaging and the gorgeously voluminous appearance of the lashes. When deciding which style to go for I went for Dashin’ because I just loved how real they look. I’ll put this down to the use of real human hairs and the fact that these lashes are each lovingly handmade. Because of this handmade touch, I was so pleased when opening the packaging because they felt so real.Product Closeup - Review Koko Lashes in Dashin'

HOWEVER, I was concerned about how rigid and heavy these lashes felt to the touch. To be honest, I don’t use lashes very often and subsequently usually go for the cheaper high street kind. These kinds of lashes are usually much thinner and more flexible, but then again they are completely synthetic and of much lower quality. With this in mind, I figured that the rigidity must be a sign of quality and decided to cast my doubts to the side and give them a try…

How did I Get on with the Lashes?

I first tried these lashes on holiday and let’s just say… things did not go to plan. In fact, I ended up having a mini 10 minute tantrum in the en suite.Closeup Image - Review Koko Lashes in Dashin'

I always trim my lashes to size before applying them in order to ensure that they fit my eye correctly and last as long as possible without having to reapply glue in a panic in the bathroom. Unfortunately, I didn’t pack scissors for my holiday in Ibiza so I tried to put on a brave face and make do. Due to the lack of flexibility of the lashes and the super thick lash line, I found them tricky to apply. I stuck down one side, and the other side lifted, and repeat. I put this down to my lack of scissors, had my tantrum and said I’d try again when I got home.

Attempt Number Two

After returning home and trimming the  lashes, I managed to get them on… Hallelujah. But let’s not crack out the confetti and party cannons just yet. I STILL couldn’t get the entire lash to stick down and they were jabbing me in the corners of my eyes which felt uncomfortable. Closeup Image - Review Koko Lashes in Dashin' www.wingitwithjade.comThe lashes look absolutely gorgeous and so natural when they’re applied. However, comfort is a big consideration for me when buying false eyelashes. Closeup Image - Review Koko Lashes in Dashin' www.wingitwithjade.comI am in no way shape or form a makeup artist or false eyelash expert, so it’s possible that I’m doing something wrong. Having said that, I think most people struggle with false eyelashes anyway so I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I don’t want lashes that are tricky to apply or uncomfortable to wear.

 Final Thoughts on Koko Lashes

I’ve done my research and all I can see online is positive feedback on Koko lashes. I can totally appreciate how much hard work has gone into this brand and their product. I think if you’re a makeup artist or a model, these lashes would be perfect. They look absolutely beautiful and so natural, even when it’s such a bold lash. Maybe they’re just not for me.  Closeup Image - Review Koko Lashes in Dashin' www.wingitwithjade.comAs you can see from the above photo, they are lifting at the edges but it’s not altogether that noticeable. The issues I had were more with what I could feel, rather than what I could see. They felt heavy and uncomfortable, but this was my first time trying a more dramatic style of false lashes, so maybe it’s something to get used to?Selfie - Review Koko Lashes in Dashin'

Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s the lashes. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be buying Koko lashes again. I’ll just stick to the cheaper high street brands of lashes until I can find some high end falsies I can get on with.

Where can you find Koko Lashes?

You can grab Koko Lashes in Dashin’ from for £11.50 with free 1st class postage!

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I’d love to hear what you think of my Koko lashes review! Have you tried Koko lashes before, or heard anything about them? Have you tried any products you haven’t been 100% happy with? Can you recommend any high quality, cruelty free lashes for me to try?Flatlay - Review Koko Lashes in Dashin'


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I received a pair of Koko Lashes in Dashin’ in exchange for a review. My opinions about the product remain to be honest and unbiased.

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