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My Little Box – May 2017

My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

Oh look, we’re in June already. Yep, my timing is completely off but no matter! It was never my intention to post my My Little Box treasures each month when I signed up to this subscription box. My first box was amazing. My May box blew April straight out of the water, so I would be selfish to not share it with you all. The theme of this box is “Friday Night” which I loooove. Since coming home from University last year, I barely go out drinking now, especially not on a Friday night. Funnily enough, when I received this box on Thursday 11th May, I was actually going on a proper night out the next day… It’s like someone at My Little Box HQ just KNEW I would be needing it. As I write this, I am sipping my third glass of prosecco, getting into the party mood. I don’t want to put this off any longer, let’s delve straight in with why this months My Little Box had me grinning from ear to ear.

What’s in My Little Box? – May 2017My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

1. Four People You Meet at Every PartyMy Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

This cute little illustration perfectly set the mood for the whole box. To be honest, I can see a little bit of myself in each of these characters, depending on who I’m with and the vibe of the night in general. My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjadeI love that the back of the illustration offers an explanation of each character and picks fun at our drunken selves. It’s almost too true to handle, and I love that.

2. Bra Bow TieMy Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

I was so excited when I opened this cute little box – why has no one thought of this before? If they have, why am I only just hearing about it? There is nothing worse than eyeballing a super cute plunge back dress and having to stress about what bra will look nice or be hidden by the fabric. My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjadeNow I can happily throw both hands in the air, cover the clasp with this adorable little bow tie and turn my bra into a fashion accessory. GENIUS.

3. Triangle Hair ClipMy Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

I’ve said it many times before, but I’m really naff at buying myself cute little accessories like this. I just never think about it. Earrings and necklaces are about as creative as I get with my accessories, so it’s so nice to be sent one like this without even having to think about it. My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjadeDue to my incredibly thick hair, unfortunately this cute geometric hair clip doesn’t quite hold my mane all on it’s lonesome. However, on the days that I pin my hair back with bobby pins, I can glam it up with an actual fashion accessory!

4. Pastel CoastersMy Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

I know I’m getting old, because I got FAR too excited to see these adorable pastel drink coasters. They’re so complimentary on any surface, and that’s one thing I DON’T have in terms of home ware – coasters! My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjadeThese bad boys have been used SO much already. Whether it’s for a cuppa tea, a glass of prosecco or a G&T – I love having somewhere to put my favourite drinks – and they’re so darn cute! I even took one to work for my desk – sorry, not sorry.

5. My Little Box Drawstring BagMy Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

I love, love, LOVE these bags – and that they have a completely different design each month! If anyone has any ideas of how I could use them, please let me know! So far I’ve found that I can use them to carry my Canon G7X in my main bag when I’m out and about – but I need more ideas so they don’t go to waste!My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

– Mini Batiste Dry Shampoo – Wild

I love mini beauty products. They’re just soooo handy! I’m not sure I would ever go as far as to take some dry shampoo on a night out with me – purse space is just too valuable for that. I am, however, going to Ibiza in two weeks (EEP) and this will definitely be coming with me, as it’s the perfect travel size!

– Nailmatic Nail Polish – June

Coral is by far one of my most favourite summer colours. I’m not a big fan of pink, but this nicely sits between the borders of red, orange and pink, enough to make me love it. I’ve never tried Nailmatic before so I didn’t really know what to expect. One thing which took me by surprise was how watery the consistency was. Not necessarily a bad thing, as there’s few things worse than a gloopy nail polish – but it has stained a pair of my favourite slouchy trousers, so it’s currently in the dog house!

– My Little Beauty Pencil Eyeliner – Black

I have NEVER gotten on with pencil eyeliner, I just find it to smudge all over my face and make me look like a heroine addict… Anyone else? So, in all honesty, this was my least favourite item from My Little Box this month. That being said, I haven’t actually tried it so I can’t say how good the eyeliner actually is – helpful, I know.

6. My Little Box BookletMy Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

Unlike most subscription boxes which give you a naff pamphlet with a basic lowdown of what’s inside and diddley-squat else, My Little Box brings so much fun to theirs! This tiny little booklet is rammed with cocktail ideas, apps to use for an amazing house party, bangers to add to your playlist and more! I feel like it’s the cherry on top of an incredibly tasty, well put together My Little Box.

Where to Find My Little Box

My Little Box is only £14.99 a month, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the value of what’s inside far exceed the price of the box!

If you want to check out or subscribe to My Little Box, you can find their full site here. If you sign up, you also receive cute little emails with tips on how to utilise your box goodies! My Little Box are also on social media, so show them some love and check them out on Facebook and Instagram (their IG feed is goals!).

Don’t Forget to Pin this Post!My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade


I’d love to hear what you think to the May 2017 My Little Box. What are your favourite things from this box? Do you currently subscribe to a beauty box? If so, which one? Would you ever give My Little Box a try?My Little Box May 2017 www.wingitwithjade

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