Posted on 24th September 2016

Gerard Cosmetics lipstick review: tequila sunrise and rodeo drive

I’m having a pretty rough week due to a sudden attack of illness. I’ve been saving this post for a week just like this, at a time where I’m feeling down and want to make myself and the world more beautiful. I’m really excited to talk to you guys about Gerard Cosmetics lipstick, specifically the two which I bought; Rodeo Drive and Tequila Sunrise. I’ve heard fantastic things over the last few months about this brand so I couldn’t resist having a sneaky peak. Having already tried Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day setting spray, I knew that the quality is fantastic. Looking at their lipstick range I was so enticed by the gorgeous gold packaging that I couldn’t resist!!! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

About Gerard Cosmetics

As always, I decided to do my homework before purchasing from them and to make sure that they are a cruelty free brand… & they are!!! YAY! I’m trying to be more cruelty conscious when purchasing my makeup and beauty products from now on because really… what’s my excuse? It may be a little bit more expensive at times but if you shop around you can find better quality products for less, and with a lighter conscience.


I absolutely love the bold style of this brand and I find it incredibly alluring. The fact that Gerard Cosmetics was founded by a woman makes me love it even more.
“Gerard Cosmetics is a line created for women by women who empower each other and strive to offer products that are luxurious, accessible and endlessly chic.”

Gerard Cosmetics is a brand which I am more than happy to support. It’s empowering, gorgeous, fairly priced and cruelty free!

First Impressions of Gerard Cosmetics lipstick


The packaging which they arrive in is so sleek and professional looking. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of anything and everything monochrome – but the addition of gold just sings to me.

I am beyond obsessed with the gold chrome design of the Gerard Cosmetics lipstick range. They really stand out of the crowd and take centre stage – rightfully so. When I’m carrying one of these babies around they never get lost in the depths of my handbag, which is a novelty, and this is due to the gold colour. I also don’t lose them to the sea of lipsticks in my collection. Gerard Cosmetics were very clever when choosing to go against the grain with their design.


When I uncapped the lid I was in awe of how polished the lipsticks looked – I put off using them for so long because they looked tasty enough to eat! You can just tell that some real TLC is put into the creation of a Gerard Cosmetics lipstick.

Rodeo Driverodeo-drive-framed-closeup-gerard-cosmetics-lipstick-review-www-wingitwithjade-com

First and foremost, I find the name of this one so entertaining. When I think of Rodeo Drive I’m transported to Beverly Hills and can imagine what I’ll be buying on my shopping trip with all my many riches. So if there’s one word which I can think of when I look at this lipstick, it’s “expensive”. The fact that the lipstick itself is very moderately priced makes me jump for joy.


As you can see this is a light purple shade, which is absolutely perfect for autumn. I love purple lipsticks but they can come across quite harsh on my face due to my fair hair and skin tone. This lipstick seems just subtle enough to pass for the purple autumn look with me. I have over-worn this lipstick way too much already & I don’t even care.

Tequila Sunrise


Well let’s state the obvious first of all. There was no way that I wasn’t going to buy this lipstick with a name like that?! Tequila really is a girl’s best friend. & Tequila Sunrise is my second favourite cocktail (beaten by a Long Island because… well it’s the best).


I’m always on the hunt to find a new and improved coral lipstick – and this may just be the one! Once again, it is nice and subtle so I can wear it with as much eye makeup I like during the day without looking too OTT. This shade is so perfect for brightening up my usual monochrome outfits without coming off too extreme. Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick range have definitely weaselled their way into my daily makeup collection.

How does it look?

Rodeo Drive:


My favourite thing about this lipstick is that it’s so light and versatile; I can wear it with exaggerated eye shadow or with my standard winged eyeliner. Usually with purple lipstick I have to tone down the rest of my makeup for a daytime look – but not with this little beauty. I’m more than happy to wear this to the office or out to a party and not have to worry too much about the rest of my makeup.


Tequila Sunrise:

Tequila Sunrise has quickly become my new favourite coral lipstick – and I have A LOT. The reason for this is that my other coral lipsticks are borderline red and are incredibly loud. Although I love a deep red lippy, it’s very high maintenance and quite frankly a chore when you’re wearing it over a long period of time. This isn’t the case for my new Gerard Cosmetics lipstick.

I’m so glad I took a chance with this brand and I’m beyond happy with my new additions to my ever-growing lipstick collection.

 Where can you buy a Gerard Cosmetics lipstick?

Well let me tell you! I seem to always be plugging Beauty Bay… So much in fact that I’m surprised I haven’t been contacted for recruitment yet… HAY HO. They really are the best site for purchasing beauty products from across the pond (in my opinion).

Now if you are lucky enough to live in the States, you can purchase directly from Gerard Cosmetics site for 19$ each plus shipping. For the majority of my readers in the UK however, Beauty Bay is in my opinion the best place to go pricing each lipstick at £10.50 and free shipping for orders over £15 – bargain!


Have you ever bought a Gerard Cosmetics lipstick? Or have you tried any of their other products? Can you recommend any other amazing brands? Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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