Posted on 19th September 2017

Fab Little Bag discreet tampon disposal

Fab Little Bag discreet tampon disposal -

Let’s talk tampons, and more importantly, how we get rid of them. I don’t know about you, but when I started my period I never once received a user manual on how to use or to dispose of sanitary waste. I don’t know where I got the notion from, but I just saw it as a given to throw tampons in the toilet. They seem pretty degradable and no one wants to see the evidence of my period in the bathroom bin. Especially not after a week – that might start to pong (sorry for the TMI but you know it’s true). In this post I’ll be sharing with you all the TRUTH about tampon disposal and my discovery of the Fab Little Bag, which has honestly put an end to all my tampon disposal worries.

About the Fab Little Bag

On their site, Fab Little Bag describe their product with three perfect summarising bullet points:

  1. Super Practical
  2. Environmentally a Better Choice
  3. Guilt-free, Stress-free

Fab Little Bag - Fab Little Bag pride themselves on helping to improve the environment, whilst simultaneously making periods a less stressful, less embarrassing experience for all women. Don’t you just love that? I know I do!

The Guilty Flusher

On scrolling through the Fab Little Bag site, I found three categories of tampon flushers which really made me giggle. Either you’re a “determined flusher” a “guilty flusher” or a “gobsmacked flusher”.

Immediately I knew which category I fit into… I am a guilty flusher!

I’ve never ever considered binning my used tampons at home. The main reason is simple: my step-dad empties the bins and I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate that little surprise lurking in the bathroom bin. I’m cringing at the thought of it.Fab Little Bag -

At work they have sanitary disposal bags in each cubical and a sanitary bin, so I don’t think twice before I use them. My home toilet just seems to be a different realm entirely. I hope some of you can relate to this and I don’t sound too bonkers or inconsiderate…

The truth is, until visiting the Fab Little Bag site I had no idea of the larger damage flushing your tampons causes! Obviously I knew it wasn’t great for your plumbing, but what I didn’t know is that our sewage system can suffer – and blockages and floods mean that our waste ends up in our rivers and seas!!!! BLEUGH. I’ll let your imagination paint the rest of the picture.

A Sanitary Game Changer

So how did Fab Little Bag help me? & how can it help you?

If, like me, you’d rather not be chucking your used sanitary products into the bathroom bin loose, or you’re sick of literally getting your hands mucky fiddling with awkward sanitary bags then Fab Little Bag will be your saviour.Fab Little Bag -

Here are just a few of my favourite things about the Fab Little Bag:

  • Unlike usual sanitary waste bags, which look like dog poop bags, the Fab Little Bag is cute, discrete and compact. You could easily slide one into your pocket at work to take with you into the bathroom.
  • With it’s sticky seal, you don’t have to worry about smells or leakage if you have to pop it into your handbag to dispose of later.
  • The handy finger handles mean that you can just use one hand to hold, open and close your bag – no more messes!
  • My favourite thing? The bag is completely opaque, so you can’t see a single thing once your sanitary waste is inside. No more yucky bloody bags!!!

The Price

Now for the make-or-break information on this product. As you can all probably tell, I am absolutely buzzing about this Fab Little Bag and have been since my first time using it, but I was a little worried about the price. It needs to be an affordable price as I’ll obviously be wanting to buy it monthly, on top of my usual sanitary products (don’t even get me started on the tampon tax)Fab Little Bag -

You can buy Fab Little Bag from the following retailers:

Fab Little Bag - The Starter Pack – £3.99

Contains 1 Bathroom Pack (20 bags) + 1 Handbag Pack (refillable case with 5 bags).

The Handbag Pack – £1.99

Contains 5 FabLittleBags

The Bathroom Pack – £2.99

Contains 20 disposal bags

The Bumper Pack – £32.89

12 FabLittleBag Bathroom Packs for the price of 11, plus a free Handbag Pack is included too

The Monthly Subscription – £2.99 / month

They’ll post 1 Bathroom Pack (containing 20 bags) to your home every month, with FREE SHIPPING for a limited time, plus a FREE Handbag Case with your first delivery.

Mum & Daughter Subscription – £5.98 / month

Similarly to above, but they’ll post 2 Bathroom Packs to your home every month.

Bumper Annual Subscription – £32.89 / year

They’ll send 12 Bathroom Packs to your home once a year

Lite Subscription – £2.99 / two months

For the light flow-ers, they’ll send a Bathroom Pack of 20 bags to your home every two months


I love the vast amount of options, perfect for everyone’s needs! Personally, I’ll definitely be signing up to the monthly subscription – just so I don’t forget and get caught short.

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Fab Little Bag -

Overall Thoughts

I am just over the moon with this product and it’s completely changed my sanitary disposal methods for the better. I’d love to hear what you think of my Fab Little Bag review, and the actual product idea itself! Have you tried Fab Little Bag before, or heard anything about them? Have you tried any sanitary disposal bags? Are you or have you ever been a Guilty Flusher? Fab Little Bag discreet tampon disposal -

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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I received this product in exchange for a review. My opinions about the product remain to be honest and unbiased.

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