Posted on 15th November 2017

My Ultimate Pamper Party Experience Day

Ultimate Pamper Party Experience - www.wingitwithjade

Over the past couple of months my mental health hasn’t been up to scratch, and I’ve been dreaming about the ultimate pick-me-up Pamper Party which would make me feel more than okay again. Even just thinking about how I’d spend a whole day in absolute luxury has made me feel a little bit better. With my mental health back on track again, I thought I’d share with you all my ultimate pamper party day. Although some aspects of it are completely unattainable (such as a zero calorie pizza mountain… we all have dreams okay?!) other aspects are just a dream come true in terms of luxury (such as the Addictive Arts Perfume).  With some tweaks I fully intend to live out this little dream of mine.

Starting the Day out Right

This pamper party would start out with a lavish lay-in, you know the ones whereby you wake up with a huge cheeky grin on your face because you feel so guiltlessly well rested? Of course, I would then turn to look at the time and oh, it’s 7am in the morning. I’d then be brought a huuuuuuge cup of coffee, which would never go cold and a captivating book for me to start my day off right; snoozily in bed curled up with a good book.Ultimate Pamper Party Experience - www.wingitwithjade

Next I’d take a long bubble bath (I don’t currently have a bath at my house so I’m alwaaaays dreaming of taking one when I’m not feeling 100%), with the best lush bath bombs you could imagine. I’m especially eyeing up the Christmas Sweater bath bomb, as I’m feeling all excited for the winter festivities!

Let the Pamper Party Begin

Once I’m feeling at the height of Sunday relaxation mode, my closest girl friends would burst through the door (think the scene from The Lord of the Rings where Sam, Pippin and Merry are jumping up and down in slow motion when they get to see Frodo lying in bed – HA!) We’d get settled into some spa-like bathrobes, and be provided with unlimited champagne and chocolates whilst we unload about the struggs of adult life, and laugh about ridiculous situations we’ve gotten ourselves into (my friends and I have a knack for this). All of this whilst trying steam room after steam room and receiving numerous therapeutic massages and spa treatments.Ultimate Pamper Party Experience - www.wingitwithjade

When we’ve fully purged ourselves from the stress of normal life, we’d be shown into a huge movie / cinema room, exclusively for us. All the usual delicious movie snacks and treats would be available on tap as well as a huge no-calorie pizza mountain. This would be the world’s best pizza, double stuffed crust and mouth watering – but it’d have absolutely zero calories. YASSSS. We’d watch every Melissa McCarthy film worth seeing (let’s be honest, that woman is a comical genius). & as it’s MY perfect day, we’d also watch a couple of horror films – and OF COURSE they’d enjoy it and not moan a bit…

Pamper Party goes Wild

Once we’d had our fill of popcorn and amazing films, we’d then clamber into the biggest dressing room you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life. Even better than Princess Mia’s in Princess Diaries 2. We’d have our own personal DJ who would manage to balance out all our different music tastes (and would be in a separate room… for obvious reasons). There would be all the best makeup and clothing lines you could ever dream of, to ensure we all ended up in the outfits of our dreams. To top the whole thing off we would have the entire line of the Addictive Arts perfume range at our full disposal. There is literally a scent for everyone and they are all so luxurious and delicious, we would smell like goddesses, as well as looking and feeling like them. As I get first dibs, I’d 100% opt for the White rose floral perfume. It’s so sweet and light and I’m absolutely addicted to the smell of it.Ultimate Pamper Party Experience - www.wingitwithjade

To finish off this perfect day, we’d settle into the world’s comfiest PJs and have the best girly sleepover you could ever imagine – I’m thinking the sleepover from 13 Going on 30. Singing into hairbrush microphones with feather bowers draped around our necks. You know THE WORKS.

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Does that not sound like the BEST DAY EVER?! Around this time last year I actually wrote a post all about the importance self care and this day would be THE ULTIMATE self care pamper party experience.

Is there anything you would add to this day to make it even more perfect? Do you have your own ideas of what a pamper party would entail? Ultimate Pamper Party Experience -

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I received two samples of the Addictive Arts perfumes and a fee in exchange for this post. My opinions about the product and all other content within this post remain to be honest and unbiased.

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