Posted on 28th October 2017

Jo Malone English Oak Launch Cambridge

Jo Malone English Oak Launch Cambridge -

Jo Malone is one of those brands we’ve all heard about, but not necessarily had the opportunity or the funds to try. That is the exact reason I jumped for joy when I received my invitation to the Jo Malone English Oak launch at the Cambridge store. I am so, so lucky to have been asked to attend this event, and I was beyond excited about it! I’ve always heard amazing things about Jo Malone, and their products are the definition of Instagram-worthy, so it was high time I gave them a go!

The Jo Malone English Oak Launch Event

The event was on a Wednesday so I went after work – I was also allowed to bring along a guest, so I dragged my eager sister Amber along. It was a chilly walk and it started chucking it down when we were just 2 minutes away. I cannot express how relieved I was to escape the cold when we walked through the doors into the warm, inviting atmosphere of Jo Malone.

Hand and Arm Massage

Amber and I were the first to arrive, so we received the extra special VIP treatment straight away! We were treated to a gorgeously scented hand and arm massage, infused by both new launch fragrances: English Oak & Redcurrant and English Oak & Hazelnut. Let me tell you; a hand and arm massage is exactly what you need after a long day typing away at your desk! It was absolutely heavenly and I’ll definitely treat myself to one again.

Cocktails by Marco Pierre White

With freshly massaged and perfumed hands and arms, we were then treated to mind-blowing cocktails created by expert mixologists from Marco Pierre White in Cambridge. As every good cocktail should, they contained lots of alcohol but were mixed beautifully and tasted absolutely delicious… A little too delicious! One of my cocktails contained rum (one of the few spirits I usually can’t stomach) and I couldn’t believe it, because it tasted so darned amazing.

Personalising my Jo Malone London Box

I was provided with adorable autumnal stamps; consisting of leaves and some fairies, in order to decorate my very own Jo Malone box. It was a lot of fun and incredibly satisfying.

The Jo Malone English Oak Scents

Having never tried Jo Malone scents before, I really didn’t know what to expect. The English Oak theme excited me as it sounds incredibly autumnal, but it didn’t sound like the kind of thing I’d usually go for. I’m a huge fan of sweet scents, Thierry Mugler’s Alien being my favourite… Just in case you wanted to know 😉

English Oak and Hazelnut

Who doesn’t love hazelnut? Well, excluding those of you who are unfortunately allergic. Hazelnut reminds me of chocolate, and all things great with the world. That being said, I wasn’t expecting to like this scent as without the actual chocolate included, I didn’t expect it to satisfy my desire for sweet scents.

English Oak and Hazelnut has this delicious warm and autumnal aura to it. I’m going to have to include the official Jo Malone wording here because it’s so heavenly and perfectly captures the scent:

An enchanted walk. The crunch of green hazelnut. The spice of elemi. The earthy woodiness of vetiver cooled by emerald moss carpets. On a warming base of roasted oak. Earthy. Enticing. Enchanting.

How amazing does that sound?! I really, really wasn’t expecting to like this scent but it truly does smell like autumn and cosiness! Whilst also being elegant and totally wearable as a gorgeous perfume.

English Oak and Redcurrant

I was definitely expecting this scent to be way more up my alley. Redcurrant is sweet and yet the fragrance would still retain its autumnal feel due to the English oak, so in my mind this would create a really nice blend.Jo Malone English Oak Launch Cambridge -

The English Oak and Redcurrant was my favourite scent by far. It is sweet, bright and light, and the English oak pulls through some earthy undertones which compliments the sweet.

The forest at dawn. The juicy bite of redcurrant. The zest of green mandarin. The freshness of rose softened with white musk. Enveloped in roasted oak. Bright. Embracing. Bewitching.

Mmmmmmmm. I want to curl up in bed with this scent – in a completely normal way of course. Jo Malone were even so kind as to give me a bottle of the English Oak and Redcurrant cologne as a parting favour! I’ll definitely be using this fragrance for special occasions and events.Jo Malone English Oak Launch Cambridge -

The two fragrances even smell wonderful when combined, as the Jo Malone scents are designed to be layered. So if you’re using the light and bright English Oak and Redcurrant during the day at work and you have an event afterwards, you can definitely spritz the English Oak and Hazelnut over the top to give you a slightly more evening appeal.


You can grab your own Jo Malone English Oak fragrances from any UK Jo Malone store, or of course you can head to their website. I’ve popped links and prices down below so you can check those out right away:

In Summary

I had such a fabulous time at the Jo Malone English Oak launch event and I really hope to attend more events there in the future. I now have a newfound love for the Jo Malone scents and their brand in it’s entirety. I would love to spend more time and money there, however as they import to China which requires brands by law to test products on animals, Jo Malone are unfortunately not currently considered to be cruelty free. As a result, I won’t be jumping to buy these products as I’m trying my best to be more cruelty-free-conscious in my purchases. Having said that, I would be ecstatic to buy more Jo Malone products if this ever changes *fingers crossed*Jo Malone English Oak Launch Cambridge -

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I’d love to hear what you think of my Jo Malone English Oak review, and the Jo Malone brand itself! Have you tried Jo Malone products before, or heard anything about them? Which of the two English Oak scents most appeals to you?Jo Malone English Oak Launch Cambridge -

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