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£50 Drugstore Haul from

£50 Drugstore Haul from

Adulting is pretty darn hard sometimes. Especially when you work 9-5 (or in my case 8.30-4.30) and you just have no time to shop anymore. I can still grab all my beauty and clothing items with my online shopping sites – it’s almost like second nature to me now. The things I’m always forgetting to pick up are just the bog standard drug store bits. I usually pick these up “whilst I’m in town” but as that never happens anymore, I’m finding myself getting caught short far too often these days. gave me a whopping £50 budget to spend on whatever my heart desired from their site, so I’m going to show you, not only how far that £50 got me, but also the huge variety of products available on their site.

I’m not going to lie, before this I had never ever heard of It turns out that Chemist has actually been knocking about in Lancashire for the past 75 years – who would have known? Aside from local Lancashirians of course… Recently Chemist have decided to branch out onto the world wide web, and I’m so glad they have. As they grow I’m more than positive that they will offer a refreshing alternative to the samey drug stores which currently flood our high streets and email inboxes.

Online shopping for Health & Beauty products has grown enormously in the last few years and our customers appreciate the discretion and convenience of shopping directly with us. We understand it’s not always convenient to pop to your local Chemist and no one wants to discuss possible embarrassing conditions in a busy shop. We continue to develop our range of products based on our customers requirements and our team look forward to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. is a great option for those of us with busy lifestyles who can’t make the time to pop into the pharmacy or the drug store as often as they need to. Also, for those of us who find it incredibly uncomfortable discussing medical issues in person over the counter, it’s nice to be able to do your research with a professional through the screen. Ahh the beauty of the internet.

So What Can you Get for £50 from

Let’s get stuck right into it shall we? I know you’re all dying to know how far it got me. Well, I manged to get 11 products for sliiiightly over £50 (we’re talking pennies over here). That’s pretty darn impressive due to the value and the sheer quantity of some of the products I ordered. I wasn’t intentionally trying to get as many items as I could for £50 as I wanted to be able to show a variety, and of course, actually use the products afterwards. What’s the point in ordering a load of stuff I won’t ever use?

Andydrol Forte Roll On £3.35

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comI am so so so excited about this product. What is it? It’s a sweat blocker, designed to block your sweat glands – specifically for excessive sweaters. I have ALWAYS been a sweaty person. Mum always refers back to my first ballet class when I was 3; my bare feet left hot steamy patches on the laminate floor whilst I pottered around the room. After my recent operation my sweating got ten times worse, maybe from a touch of cabin fever, through pain, the change of season… It could have been anything. When I saw this product on I just had to give it a whirl. As it is an over-the-counter product, I was sent a small questionnaire once going through the checkout, just for the pharmacist to certify that it was suitable for me to buy. No awkward questions in person. Just a few clicks and it was mine.

Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser 125ml £3.59

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comThis tub is massive for such a low price. I finally hit pan with my trusty Nivea moisturiser (which has been going strong for about a year – I’m not even joking), so I thought I’d try something new. Due to my combination skin, I have to moisturise every morning and night to avoid dry scaly patches. I’ve always heard good things about Simple and decided to give them a whirl.

T-Zone Charcoal Nose Pore Strips £1.99

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comNot quite the luxe cream I’ve seen ALL OVER the internet in the last few months, but this will do the job for me. In a pack you get 6 strips – which to me, if it works, is a huge bargain. I’ve been making my own charcoal masks recently but this will be sooooo much easier, and with no mess at all.

T-Zone Instant Fix Nose Pore Strips £2.49

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comMuch of the same to the last one, I just love peeling things off my face. If that’s wrong, so be it.

West Lab Detoxing Salt Body Scrub 500g £12.99

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comEVERYONE needs a good body scrub in their lives. I don’t think I’ve ever bought the same one twice, just because it takes so long to work through a tub this size, you tend to get a bit bored. I’ve never heard of West Lab before, but the word “detoxing” sold me immediately. – Unfortunately this exact item is no longer available on, but you can grab many more like it here

St Moriz Self Tan Applicator Mitt £2.69

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comI’ve been meaning to buy another self tan mitt for just under a year. The other day I went to grab my old one and yep, it was green… *shudder*. The handy thing about this one is the dark colour – it hopefully won’t go green this time. Ha!!

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse Medium 200ml £4.49

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comI’ve heard really, really good things about St Moriz, and how it’s a fantastic St Tropez dupe. For THAT price, you’ve just got to try it in my opinion! I have quite a few social events planned this summer, as well as my holiday to Ibiza in June (eeep!) so I definitely need to up my tanning game. I’ll keep you updated as to how well St Moriz bodes with me. I can’t get over this huge bottle being just £4.49!!!

Femfresh Intimate Wash 250ml £2.69

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comFemfresh… Need I say more? I think it’s fairly self explanatory!! HA!

Victorias Secret Endless Love Body Mist 250ml £8.90

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comJade, you paid HOW MUCH for some body mist? Right, before you judge me – Victorias Secret body mists are just amazing okay. I can’t help but spray some on myself, my bedding, my whole room before I leave the house. You cannot make me feel guilty for this. It was so worth it. It smells divine.

Mavala Mini Colour Pashmina Nail Polish £4.79

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comI have so many shades of pink nail polish – but this was somehow such a different shade! I’ve never heard of Mavala nail polish before and the bottle was just far too cute to resist. I’m a little disappointed in the size, but c’est la vie! The colour is actually matted – which I do think it should say on the bottle. Luckily I like a bit of matte polish so I’m not complaining!!

Jessica Nail Varnish Monsoon Melon £3.19

£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comThis colour is just so gorgeous for summer, I couldn’t resist! have so many more colours of the Jessica nail varnish to choose from so I’ll definitely be hitting them up again soon in preparation for my summer socials!

To Sum Up

I think are on to a really good thing with their online service, super discrete packaging and just about every drug store item you could want, including pharmacy only products. Being able to buy the majority of my essentials from one site is so important to me, because nobody wants to faff about and shop around with your toiletries/health supplies. are definitely a brand to watch as a competitor to the mainstream drug stores for all these reasons.

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Hopefully you’ll find as smart and exciting as I do – and hopefully it’ll save you all a bunch of time instead of traipsing into town for your necessities. Did you see anything you liked from this haul? Have you ever used or another online pharmacist before? Would you like me to do more hauls of this kind?£50 Drugstore Haul from www.wingitwithjade.comThank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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I received a £50 voucher for in exchange for a review. My opinions about the products remain to be honest and unbiased.

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