Posted on 12th November 2016

Luxury Christmas Soaps from The English Soap Company

English Soap Company Luxury Soaps All Wrapped Up

A little while ago I was approached by The English Soap Company who asked if I’d like to receive some bath soaps for review. I thought it was a bit of a random thing to review but I decided to not be closed minded and check them out. I was so impressed by their gorgeous products that I asked them to surprise me. There honestly was nothing on their site that I wouldn’t love to try out. The only condition I had was that the products weren’t too floral smelling – I’m not a massive fan of flowery smells in the home. (For some reason it makes me feel really sick.) I’m really excited to spread the word about this brand and to gush about their handmade soap Christmas range.

The English Soap Company

The story behind this company is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

The English soap Company was founded twelve years ago by Bob & Juliet after discovering a large number of vintage soap moulds lying disused in a machinery workshop farm in Kent. Inspired by the wonderful designs from a bygone age they set out to recreate the luxurious soaps they remembered from childhood.

Isn’t that the sweetest, most inspiring back story? I love hearing about these companies who were just stumbled upon. It’s so important to me for a brand to be passionate about what they’re selling, and reading this made me immediately fall in love with The English Soap Company.

 English Soap Company Luxury Soaps All Wrapped Up www.wingitwithjade

I also love the naturalness of The English Soap Company’s products.

Our Soaps are made from pure vegetable oils to which we add generous amounts of vegetable derived glycerine and shea butter from the African Karite tree to ensure that the bar moisturises and nourishes the skin. 

There are so many benefits to these ingredients! Most importantly: the lack of animal fat replaced instead with healthy, natural substitutes makes them vegan friendly and animal cruelty free! Yay! The natural ingredients are also miles better for your skin. Coming from someone with sensitive skin, it’s good to know that my pores won’t be clogged and that I won’t flare up with rashes from a bad reaction to harsh chemicals.

The website is full of a wide variety of products, all gorgeously themed and wrapped. The bargain prices really shocked me considering the amazing quality this brand maintains.

First impressions

I was so chuffed when I opened my package to discover that they had sent me Christmas themed soap! During the festive season I like my whole house to be full of all things Christmassy. You could probably guess that I’m a big fan of Christmas, I mean, I am writing this in November…

English Soap Company Luxury Christmas Soap Unwrapped www.wingitwithjade

Although I asked for a surprise, I was secretly hoping to try something, anything, from their gorgeous Christmas range. But I definitely had my eye on the Merry Christmas soaps. I’ve since has a look at their other seasonal products and WOW. They must have at least ten different Christmas themed soaps? Now this is my kind of company. I may just have to buy a few more… Mwahaha

The packaging

is mind-blowingly gorgeous. I honestly can’t get over the attention to detail. The beautiful robins and snowfall literally made me light up. These are definitely Christmas gift worthy – not one bar of soap as a whole gift OBVIOUSLY but definitely a very cute little extra or stocking filler. English Soap Company Luxury Soaps All Wrapped Up www.wingitwithjade

The shapes of the packages and the cute little tiny handles and ahhhhh – they’re just so cute! The designs are almost vintage, which of course fits into the brand and it’s backstory and pleases me enormously.

How do they smell?

Of course, I can only speak on behalf of the one theme I received, but oh myyyyyy. I can’t put my finger on just one scent, but it’s somehow just so perfectly festive!

A beautifully crafted Christmas scent that combines traditional festive fragrance notes with a soft undertone of winter flowers & Christmas greenery.

There are so many lovely things included in this scent, yet it somehow remains to be so subtly perfumed. When I was taking the photos for this post I had to keep leaning in for a whiff, or two. It’s so addictive.

 English Soap Company Luxury Christmas Soap in wrapping www.wingitwithjade

The smell is so natural, you can tell without even touching it that there are no nasty chemicals included. The English Soap Company are onto a winner by going 100% natural and animal friendly. Not only is it obviously better for the wildlife, it’s better for us too! Win Win.

The price tag

I was BLOWN AWAY when I took a look at the prices. How can they be so amazing yet so inexpensive? I was definitely expecting the big bar to be priced at roughly a tenner – I was not expecting a mere £5.95?! WHAT A BARGAIN. This brand is just such good value for money!

 English Soap Company Luxury Christmas Soap Unwrapped www.wingitwithjade

The luxury guest soaps are a shocking £2.95! That’s less than a pound each?! They’re so cute with their little heart shapes too! Can you tell that I’m impressed? Sorry, but I just can’t get over these products.

I was going to do my usual shopping around for you all but… come on now, they need to make some profit! Don’t get greedy. Also, I did have a look and I couldn’t find them any cheaper anywhere else. 

Overall thoughts

I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to try out these amazing products from The English Soap Company. They are so cute and full of personality, just like the brand itself. With the unbeatable price I just know that I will be back buying gifts for all my friends and family too. The Merry Christmas soap is already brightening up my bathroom.

English Soap Company Luxury Soaps All Wrapped Up

I hope this post has inspired some christmas gift ideas, or you’ve found a new animal cruelty free brand to try out!  I’m really happy with my products from The English Soap Company, especially considering the unbeatable prices!!

Have you ever heard of The English Soap Company? Do you have any recommendations of other products for sensitive skin? What do you think to themed soap? Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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**DISCLAIMER** I received these products in exchange for a review. My opinions about the products remain to be honest and unbiased.

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