Posted on 3rd May 2018

A Watch for Every Season with Welly Merck

A Watch for Every Season with Welly Merck -

I’ve never really considered myself one for accessories; probably partly because that would be an extra thing to have to think about in the morning. I have a couple of minimalistic bracelets, a necklace and a pair of earrings which I wear everyday without fail, and I’ve never even thought of adding anything else… That is, up until a few weeks ago when I was first introduced to the Welly Merck brand and the watches they have to offer.

About Welly Merck

Welly Merck is a Swiss watch brand, focusing their designs on simplicity, elegance and functionality. It was exactly these three focal points which excited me the most about this brand! Welly Merck has designed a huge variety of watch styles to accommodate each wearer; their fashion and preference. Although their designs are so vastly different from one another, the focus on elegance, simplicity and functionality is so transparent and key to the design of each timepiece. So whether you’re after a watch for every day, for the office or for a night out with the girls (or the boys) Welly Merck have a watch for you.

My Welly Merck

There was no real decision to be made for me when choosing my Welly Merck watch. The Classic Berlin (Silver) is so simple, versatile and elegant. I knew from the second I set my eyes on it that this was the watch for me. A watch that I wouldn’t have to overthink or style with that one outfit in my wardrobe; a watch to wear every day.

A Watch for Every Season with Welly Merck - www.wingitwithjade.comMy absolute favourite thing about my new Welly Merck watch is that it really does go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. Thanks to the gorgeously simple, yet stunning, monochrome design with subtle silver detailing I can dress it up, or down to suit the occasion.A Watch for Every Season with Welly Merck -

The Quality

The black strap is genuine leather, and after only a couple of hours of wear it fits my wrist like it was made for me. The sapphire crystal glass face means that it is totally scratch resistant AND it has more ability to withstand cracks and breakage than a regular watch face made with glass or plastic. This is music to my ears as I plan on wearing this watch literally all the time; on the busy train commute, whilst typing away at my desk and going for drinks with the girls.A Watch for Every Season with Welly Merck - www.wingitwithjade.comIf the amazing quality of their watches isn’t enough for you, Welly Merck also offers a whopping three year warranty on all their products for any manufacturing defects on the watch. Seeing warranties like this just gives me so much peace of mind when buying from a new brand.


The Classic Berlin (silver) watch prices up to $159 which converts to roughly £116.80 (as of today’s date). Now as I’ve said before, I’m not usually one for splashing out on accessories, nor am I a watch expert but I can honestly say that this watch was worth the investment.

The quality is absolutely outstanding! I’ve worn it every single day for the past two weeks and have received countless compliments on it, and I can just tell that it is going to last a lifetime. A Watch for Every Season with Welly Merck - www.wingitwithjade.comIf you fancy yourself a bargain, type in the code “jadeimogen15” at the checkout, and you will get a whopping 15% off your basket!!*

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I’d love to hear what you think of the Welly Merck watches! Are you a big watch fan? Can you recommend any other watch brands to keep an eye out for? What accessory pieces are you obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below!

A Watch for Every Season with Welly Merck -

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I received a discount for this product in exchange for a review. If you use my “jadeimogen15” discount, I will receive a small amount of commission for your purchase. My opinions about the product remains to be honest and unbiased.

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