Posted on 25th February 2017

Browns Family Jewellers: The Ultimate Rose Gold Wish List

Browns Family Jewellers - Rose Gold Wishlist - www.wingitwithjade

For well over a year now, rose gold has been growing in popularity around the world. The glamorous shade can be found in all aspects of life, be it fashion, beauty, jewellery, homeware, or even as a desired hair colour for 2017! Rose gold is an ever growing addiction and I know that I’m not alone when I spot rose gold in ANY form and I think to myself “I need to have it”.  So what better way to embrace my addiction that to literally wear it? Browns Family Jewellers recently opened my eyes to some of the most glamorous, yet affordable styles of rose gold jewellery. I can honestly say that these pieces are a must have for your Spring 2017 accessory collection.

Browns Family JewellersBrowns Family Jewellers - Rose Gold Wishlist - www.wingitwithjade

When I was first approached about working with Browns Family Jewellers they asked me to look at their new Vamp collection. I feel like they know me and my personal style down to the T! They got my taste so perfectly without having met me! They must know me better than some of my nearest and dearest to know exactly what jewellery I would be after. Browns Family Jewellers clearly know their stuff to know exactly what would appeal to me. It didn’t surprise me at all to discover that this Yorkshire-based company has over 20 years experience and incredible reviews from long standing clients. I had every faith that I would be in the right hands.

My Rose Gold Wish List

With no further ado, I’d like to formally introduce you to my rose gold crushes by Browns Family Jewellers. They are beyond gorgeous and I think that you’ll agree that the prices are more than reasonable for the amazing standard, design and quality!









My Pick – The Vamp Rose Gold Mesh Braceletrowns Family Jewellers - Rose Gold Wishlist - www.wingitwithjade

Browns Family Jewellers actually gave me the incredibly generous offer of one item from their vamp collection! I’m so so grateful but man it was such an incredibly hard decision. You can see from above that I literally wanted every single piece.

Having said that, I am SO happy with my rose gold mesh bracelet. I’ve worn it so many times already and I receive countless compliments when I have it on. It’s such an eye catching item.rowns Family Jewellers - Rose Gold Wishlist - www.wingitwithjade

One of the main things I love about my new bracelet is it’s minimalist look. I’ve never been one for overly blingy jewellery, my pandora bracelet is about as loud as it gets for me. My new bracelet is so sleek and clean looking, yet the detail is absolutely gorgeous and eye catching. It really is the best of both worlds!!

An amazing feature to this bracelet is the magnetic ends which make it unbelievably easy to put on. I don’t have to worry about it just falling off either, I’ve tried and tested it and the only way this bad boy is coming off is if I want it to! Finally, I can put a bracelet on without all the faff and worry.rowns Family Jewellers - Rose Gold Wishlist - www.wingitwithjade

To top it all off, this gorgeous bracelet is only £60?!?! That price shocked me so much. I never really buy jewellery for myself as I see it as a luxury. I can honestly say that I’d be happy to spend £60 on such a classic, beautiful, (rose gold) piece of jewellery. Because of it’s timeless design I know that I will wear it over and over again, for both formal and casual occasions.

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Browns Family Jewellers - Rose Gold Wishlist - www.wingitwithjade

Are you as obsessed with rose gold as me? Is there anything on this wish list which is jumping out at you! Have you bought yourself some gorgeous jewellery lately? Please comment below and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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**DISCLAIMER** I received these products in exchange for a review. My opinions about the product remain to be honest and unbiased.

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