Posted on 17th December 2016

My Top Five Favourite Festive Lipsticks

Top Five Festive Lipsticks -

‘Tis the season to be jolly and of course to look absolutely fabulous. We all have our absolute favourite lipsticks, but some are always placed at the top of the heap, reserved for this festive time of year. I definitely use Christmas as a fantastic excuse to crack out my boldest colours; the perfect red and the deeper, scarier shades which I’m not confident enough to wear any other time of year. Today I’ll be revealing my top five favourite festive lipsticks and why I love them so much more during the mooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeaaaaar.

Sleek – Party Pink 434


 Sleek Party Pink - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjadeI picked this gorgeous shade up in the summer expecting it to be a nice coral but it is just so loud. At first I was horrified and unsure if I’d ever wear it again, but hey – what is Christmas for?

I disagree with the name Party pink as it isn’t actually pink IMO… Unless I’m going colour blind? To me it’s more of a light toned party red!

My favourite thing about this liquid lipstick is how much it pops and makes a statement. It steals the show with winged eyeliner and a party frock.

 Sleek Party Pink - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

When I think festivity, I think of a bright and bold lip, and this fits the bill so perfectly. Being a liquid lipstick it also stays on so well and can handle a good deal of prosecco and party food (tried and tested, believe me).

All I need now is a matching lip pencil to polish off the look!

MAC – Viva Glam A24

MAC Viva Glam - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

I have completely and utterly used and abused this lipstick over the years, but it receives particular grief during the Christmas period, poor thing. This shade has definitely been a go-to for festive outings. My friends are forever stealing it off me in the toilets and going over their own lipstick, whilst I stand back with pride for my Viva Glam.

Although I’ve pretty much boycotted MAC and other brands who continue to use animal products/support animal cruelty, why let a good thing go to waste? I’ve had this lipstick for years, before I grew a conscience, so I may as well persevere and use every single last bit.

MAC Viva Glam - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

If I’m stuck for a shade this Christmas eve, Viva Glam  is the first festive lipstick I’ll be reaching for. It’s too deep a red for me any other time of year, but perfect at Christmas time.

My biggest problem with this lipstick is that it smudges. When I say that it smudges, it literally ruins your life. If you make a mistake whilst applying this bad boy you’d better start praying for a Christmas miracle or a makeup wipe.

Kylie Lip Kit – Kristen

Kylie Lip Kit Kristen - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

We’ve all dreamed of the “perfect red”. I’m referring to the one which you can wear with anything, anywhere, any time. The red you can always rely on. I am so proud to say that in 2016 I have finally found my “perfect red”.

This is my one and only red lipstick which I would confidently wear out in broad daylight, even to work. The reason for this is partially because the colour is subtle and complimentary when paired with my blotchy complexion, but also because it lasts all day long.

Kylie Lip Kit Kristen - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

I’m such a huge fan of Kylie lip kits (as I’m sure you’ve guessed) and this is definitely one of my favourites for the Christmas season; it’ll have you rocking around the Christmas tree.

Rimmel London – In Love with Ginger 660

Rimmel In Love With Ginger - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

Some time last year on Twitter, Rimmel offered the chance to tweet them directly with any questions, tips or requests for advice. I jumped at the opportunity as I was absolutely dying for a specific shade. So I tweeted Rimmel and asked for the perfect coral lipstick, and viola: I give you In Love with Ginger.

I immediately dashed to the closest Superdrug; it was love at first sight. As if the name alone wasn’t brilliant enough, the shade itself is amazing.

Rimmel In Love With Ginger - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

I usually choose this festive lipstick for the more casual occasion. Whether it be a chilled night down the pub with the girls or a trip ice skating, this shade is loud, yet subtle enough to satisfy my Christmas spirit.

I do however have a couple of issues with it…

  1. Being Rimmel, it’s not animal friendly (boooo).
  2. The moist texture of this lipstick is pretty… Pretty irritating. It smudges so easily and just slides straight off at the slightest drop of liquid.

You know what that means? No kissing under the mistletoe whilst wearing In Love with Ginger.

Kylie Lip Kit – Ginger

Kylie Lip Kit Ginger - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

This is perhaps not your average choice, but I am SO obsessed with this lip kit right now. For me, it’s the perfect shade for any night on the town.

I’m still not quite brave enough to wear it during the day as it’s pretty damn dark on me, but when paired with a velvet choker and thigh high boots, it’s a dream!

Kylie Lip Kit Ginger - Top Five Festive Lipsticks - www.wingitwithjade

You can find a more detailed post about the Ginger Kylie Lip Kit here, I literally can’t say enough amazing things about it.

I highly recommend Ginger for sleighing at any work Christmas do or night on the raz around this time of year.

Top Five Festive Lipsticks -

Do you have any favourite festive lipsticks? Or do you fancy sharing your go-to Christmas makeup looks? Do you have any upcoming Christmas parties to attend and think one of these shades will be perfect for it? Please comment below and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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