Posted on 19th March 2017

Perfect Polaroid Style Prints with Printiki

Perfect Polaroid-Style Prints with Printiki - www.wingitwithjade

Did polaroid photos ever go out of fashion? If they did, I never got the memo. All I know is that ever since I can remember I have wanted to cover my room in little square photos with white edges. OutKast obviously added to this and made me want to shake it like a polaroid pictureeeee without actually providing me with a polaroid picture to shake… Rude huh? Unfortunately, forking out upwards of £60 for a bulky Polaroid camera, which I would be too scared to use in case I broke it, has always seemed a bit indulgent for me. I’ve seen that a lot of bloggers have been working with a company called Printiki over the past few months. I jumped at the chance to get involved, especially with the added benefit of having seen everyone else’s gorgeous prints and reviews already…

I’ve been using photo printing companies for years. Ever since I did GCSE photography in fact, as buying photo paper and stocking up on coloured printer ink cartridges was becoming grossly expensive – especially for someone without a job.

Because of this, I’ve always been aware of and have used companies like Printiki to print my digital photos. When you’re printing in bulk, for example for a photo album or a wall display, it just becomes too high risk and too expensive to do it from your personal printer. In my experience – almost every single time at least one batch smudged or came out completely the wrong colour.Perfect Polaroid-Style Prints with Printiki - www.wingitwithjade

I’ve always used different photo printing companies each time because they could never get the look of the photo quite right. I just wanted plain square photos with white borders. What is so difficult? They would come weirdly cropped or blurry, or the company simply wouldn’t offer square images (eh?).

What’s so Different about Printiki?

I just love how many different, fashionable photo print styles Printiki has to offer! You have a choice between:

  • Square Medium (4×4″)
  • Retro Square Medium (4×4″)
  • Square Large (5×5″)
  • Retro Square Large (5×5″)
  • Regular Medium (4×6″)
  • Retro Regular Medium (4×6″)
  • Regular Large (5×7″)
  • Retro Regular Large (5×7″)
  • Regular Extra Large (6×8″)
  • Retro Regular Extra Large (6×8″)

All of this plus an added variety of photo book and poster styles. It looks like Printiki market towards fashionable young people who have a love for sharing their memories through quirky prints (guilty!). & their square prints are described as being perfect for your instagram shots, I love that.Perfect Polaroid-Style Prints with Printiki - www.wingitwithjade

Their prices are also incredibly competitive. From other photo printing companies I usually expect it to cost me roughly 30p per image, or to receive a pack of 25 prints for £15 (ouch). Printiki offers 20 square medium images for just £4.50, and for an extra 10 prints it will only cost you a further £2.00… That is such a huge difference!!!

The Quality of Printiki Prints

is just outstanding. Having the option, I chose a matted finish over glossy, as I have come to realise in my experience that you can get a terrible glare off glossy prints which bugs me enormously.

You would honestly think that these images had come straight out of a polaroid camera, they just look of such great quality and they liven my room up tremendously.

You can do so many things with polaroids, such as attach them to some string and make some cute photo bunting, or arrange them in a very symmetrical looking square, or have them pinned on your fridge or a magnetic board in your room.Perfect Polaroid-Style Prints with Printiki - www.wingitwithjade

So far, I have arranged 8 images tied to some string above my bed and I’m now trying to be creative with my remaining 22 photos. I’m leaning towards creating a gorgeous photo collage by my beauty set up or as part of a gallery wall. The opportunities are endless with Printiki!

Find Printiki

If you want to have a look at Printiki for yourself and play around with the online print creator, follow this link. You can also find Printiki’s social media sites and browse some photo print inspo here:

Don’t Forget to Pin this Post!Cover Image, Perfect Polaroid-Style Prints with Printiki -

I hope you have lots of fun creating gorgeous prints for yourself, and to share with your friends and family. This would be such a cute gift idea!!Perfect Polaroid-Style Prints with Printiki - www.wingitwithjade

Have you ever heard of Printiki? What sort of photo prints do you like to use when decorating your home? Do you already use a photo printing company? Please comment below and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts, and feel free to comment below or message me for a chat. I’d love to talk to you.

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I received 30 Printiki prints in exchange for a review. My opinions about the products remain to be honest and unbiased.

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