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Round-Up of the Most Popular Posts to Celebrate Wing it with Jade’s 1st Birthday!!

Blog Birthday - Round-Up - www.wingitwithjade

Can you believe that Wing it with Jade is one year old?? I definitely can’t! It feels like only yesterday I was sat on my bed at University tapping away at my laptop and publishing my first ever blog post. Looking back, I can’t believe how much I have learned over the past year. My blog looks totally different, with more professional photography, a gorgeous theme and content to be proud of. I have learned the importance of SEO and how best to engage my followers through promotion (although I may not always do it as much as I should). To thank all of my amazing followers and those who have supported me in this amazing journey, I’ll be hosting a 1st Birthday Giveaway up on my blog very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!! To celebrate Wing it with Jade’s 1st Birthday, I thought it was more than fitting to share with you all my most popular posts over the last year in my first ever round-up. So sit back, have a cuppa, and enjoy reminiscing on the past year with my blog!

In my first year of blogging I have published a grand total of 56 posts!! My mind spins at the thought! I sat down at my laptop and churned out 900 words (or thereabouts) 56 times in 52 weeks? Who would have thought? 56 posts is a lot to get your head around, so I have selected my 10 highest viewed and my most popular posts based on … well, YOU. The views and the popularity completely come down to you clicking on my blog and providing me with good feedback, so thank you!  Blog Birthday - Round-Up - www.wingitwithjade

I’ve tried my utmost best to categorise these 10 posts below, but I find categories so tricky sometimes, because some posts just fall in between categories sometimes!! Anyway, I digress… Let’s get on with the Round-Up:

Product Reviews

CB12 Mouthwash Review – Does it Really Work?

CB12 mouthwash review cover image - Round-Up Post www.wingitwithjade.comI was more than surprised at the popularity and the views I received for my CB12 Teeth Whitening Mouthwash post, but definitely wasn’t complaining. A lot of people must desire a whiter smile without spending a fortune, just like me! I was so proud after writing this post to see CB12 successfully fill the shelves at popular drug stores over the weeks. Obviously, they were working with so many other bloggers, but I couldn’t help but feel a part of the magic. I was writing about a product which I felt passionately about, and I got the chance to help spread the word about it! What a satisfying feeling for me.

Meal Prep with Sistema to Go Containers

Meal Prep with Sistema To Go Containers - Round-Up Post - www.wingitwithjade.comI was so so so excited to write my post about the Meal Prepping with Sistema To Go Containers. This was the first company I have ever approached and asked them to send me products in exchange for a review… and it worked?! I was literally jumping for joy when I received that email. Since returning from University and beginning a full time career, I have learned the true importance of meal prep when trying to improve your health. It saves you so much time and money and is truly rewarding when your body thanks you for the effort. I’m just so glad that you guys are as passionate about tupperware as I am!

Make Every Day Matter with the Moments Journal

The Moments Journal - Round-Up Post - www.wingitwithjade.comMy post about the Moments Journal was really different for me, and really satisfying when I saw the response!! The Moments Journal is such an exciting concept and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring mental health and celebrating self care methods such as positive thinking. Although it’s not a fix for everything, it helps to think positively and to actively reflect on your day before going to bed.

Events / Experiences

The Ely Christmas Gift and Food Fair 2016

Cover image with Title - The Ely Cathedral christmas gift and food fair 2016 - Round-Up Post - www.wingitwithjadeAs is, I’m sure, the case for most of us, exciting events don’t happen nearly as often as I’d like them to. Since becoming a blogger I have had so many fantastic opportunities – whether it be across the country, from the comfort of my laptop screen or right on my home turf. When I was invited by some lovely local bloggers to The Ely Christmas Market I was ashamed to admit that I had never been before!! What a bad local blogger I am. But blogging and being a part of a local community gave me the opportunity to finally attend, with a handful of wonderful women who I would have otherwise never met!! I’m so thankful for this opportunity and I really hope that my local readers were convinced to go after reading my blog post!!

I Graduated from The University of Lincoln, Class of 2016

I Graduated! Round-Up Post - www.wingitwithjade.comLife update posts are really exciting to write, and I just couldn’t resist rambling on and on about my perfect Graduation day. This was BY FAR one of – if not THE proudest day of my whole entire life. The whole experience was purely magical and it felt so good to celebrate three years of damn hard work. You guys obviously loved to see this part of my life, and the amazing feedback made me truly realise how proud of me you all were – which by the way, felt beyond amazing.

My Surprise Birthday Trip to London!

Birthday Trip to London- Round-Up Post - www.wingitwithjade Last August I celebrated a different kind of birthday – Dan took me on a surprise Birthday Trip to London to celebrate my 22nd year of being alive! I love, love, love visiting London and being a proper tourist on my own doorstep – I don’t do it nearly enough. I also really enjoyed this different side of blogging – of actively mapping out my day and showing you all some sights you may have not seen in a while/ at all! The whole trip was so perfect, he has a lot to live up to if he wants to top that this year – hee hee!

Mental Health / Lifestyle Posts

Tender Loving Self Care: The Importance of Looking After Yourself

Cover Image - Tender Loving Self-Care - Round-Up Post - is probably one of my most favourite topics to write on, I just love to share a part of myself with you all. I would love to blog about this full time but I would struggle to find content every week. Instead I choose to carefully handpick these topics for you all instead of writing something just for the sake of publishing content. I was so dumbfounded and ecstatic over the response to my Self Care post!!! It turns out that a lot of us forget to look after ourselves mentally and physically and see downtime as laziness or self indulgence. After going through a particularly rough patch in my life, I decided to share with you all my thoughts about the importance of self care, and you all loved it!!! Perhaps I’ll have to do more on this soon…

My Top Ten Interview Tips

Interview Tips - Round-Up Post - www.wingitwithjade.comHaving finished my time at University in May, and graduated in September I landed myself a REALLY exciting job with a highly esteemed publishers in January!!! Words can’t describe how proud of myself I am, and thank you all for your kind words – I was blown over with your support. After my experience, I just had to share my Interview Tips with you all at home, and I have heard that it even helped some of you for your own interviews!!! This made me so so happy to hear.

“Get Big or Die Trying” Muscle Dysmorphia & Why No One Talks About It

Feature Image Muscle Dysmorphia -Round-Up Post - www.wingitwithjade.comMy post about Muscle Dysmorphia was and still is so close to my heart. I had great difficulty writing this as it is so personal to my partner Dan, and therefore to me too. I find it so hard to watch what he goes through on a daily basis, the mental and physical turmoil he experiences in a battle against himself. Lad culture has a lot of explaining to do, expecting men to be strong, manly, aggressive and assertive at all times. This ridiculous expectation of behaviour has leaked through to a mental and physical disorder manifesting in SO MANY men today. I seriously suggest you do some reading on this – it will open your eyes so much, seriously.

My Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

My-Womb-Says-Hi- libertyantoniasadler1.jpg - Round-Up Post - www.wingitwithjade.comMy final post I’ll be sharing in this 1st birthday round-up is my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome post, parts 1 and 2. I’m not gonna lie to you, this took a lot of courage for me to write and to share with the world. Since writing this and receiving such AMAZING feedback, I would never, ever take it back. So many of you have shared with me your personal experiences with PCOS and it’s made us all feel less alone, in a world which refuses to discuss issues surrounding women’s bodies and fertility. Many of you have also approached me to admit that before reading this post, you had never heard of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Although this shocked me, I was so pleased that my post had helped to educate! An estimated one in five women in the UK suffer from PCOS, and the sooner you are diagnosed, the more symptoms you can tackle effectively!

Phew… That was a lot of content in one round-up. After typing all of this I’m feeling a little bit emotional. So much work has been put into this blog over the past year, but I’m so glad I’ve stuck at it. There have been more than a few times where I’ve considered throwing in the towel, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m so glad I haven’t.

Thank you ALL for supporting me and for clicking the link to my little corner of the internet. It means more to me than I could ever express in words.

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